Thursday, 7th of July, 2016

Page 409

There's been some confusion about two of the characters, so I've put together a comprehensive guide to differentiating them:

Friday, 8th of July, 2016

Page 410

The pink rabbit is her favourite.

Monday, 11th of July, 2016

Page 411

Man, outside! I love that place!

Tuesday, 12th of July, 2016

Page 412

Memnon had doubts about his controversial 'kill all humans' plan, but decided to finish the job anyway, since it wouldn't matter once he went back in time.

Wednesday, 13th of July, 2016

Page 413

That's what you get when you destroy every single artificial light in the world.

Thursday, 14th of July, 2016

Page 414

Friday, 15th of July, 2016

Page 415

The comic will return to its regular 3 pages a week schedule from Monday.

Wednesday, 20th of July, 2016

Page 416

Okay, serious talk time.

I've been suffering from a chronic disease for quite a while now. At the beginning of this year it got much, much worse. It began to interfere with my ability to make new pages of the comic. I had a buffer of some 40-something pages at that time, but I have burned through all of that now. I started releasing 5 pages a week to see if it was a lack of motivation or a lack of energy keeping me from being more productive. Unfortunately, it was a lack of energy.

To help me get back on track a bit, the comic will not run for the next two weeks. The next update will (hopefully) be on Monday, the 8th of August.

Monday, 8th of August, 2016

Page 417

Guess Memnon should have told her how swords work.

The comic will provisionally update twice a week on Monday and Thursday.

Thursday, 11th of August, 2016

Page 418

Today on Blood Splattered Socks: blood splattered everything

Monday, 15th of August, 2016

Page 419

I wonder if Emi can swim.

Thursday, 18th of August, 2016

Page 420

Doesn't look like Emi can swim.

Monday, 22nd of August, 2016

Page 421

Turns out Emi can't swim.

Thursday, 25th of August, 2016

Page 422

"Cause you know, if you're not... this is pretty awkward..."

Monday, 29th of August, 2016

Page 423

Thursday, 1st of September, 2016

Page 424

Don't be silly, Charlie. Why, that doesn't even make any sense.

Monday, 5th of September, 2016

Page 425

It's definitely not the giant blood stain down the front of your dress.

Monday, 12th of September, 2016

Page 426

The next page will be one day late, but it will be going up.

Monday, 19th of September, 2016

Page 427

"Wait... you have a backpack?"

Monday, 26th of September, 2016

Page 428

Monday, 17th of October, 2016

Page 429

Pages may or may not be done when they go up.

Monday, 24th of October, 2016

Page 430