12th of September, 2016 (Monday)

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12th of September, 2016 (Monday)
Matthew Bernal
That's why you always carry your wallet Charlie.
WHAT A....strict gas station employee
Eh? Where'd the car go? If Rothwell's unconscious, Charlie, you can roll him for change.
And. Where. Is. Eos???
@caribouchat Well, let's think it through logically. In this timeline, everything up until the first gunshot at the pier still happened. So Eos still would have made the phone call at the gas station, and still grabbed the Thoom Rifle. But now, when she got to the pier, she'd either have seen nothing at all, or seen Emi and Charlie go over the side while Rothwell stumbles towards her, bleeding profusely.
Either of those options, she probably does the same thing: go back and grab the car. In the former case, to search for Charlie properly, and in the latter case, with a captive Rothwell in the back that she can interrogate about what the heck is going on here. Remember, we have no idea how long Emi and Charlie were underwater - could've been 3-4 minutes, for all we know. An eternity for Eos and Rothwell to do... Eos and Rothwell things.
I think eos was stopped by mem since emi said her dad should be here. The last time mem saw her she was dying so i'm sure he'll want to see her alive and walking.
Kid Cthulhu
I completely forgot about that, 105.
Chris the Blue
*sad Charlie Brown music*
dah dah dahhh, dah dah dah dah...
13th of September, 2016 (Tuesday)
Poor Chuck, he can't catch a break can he, first he dies now no cash
$2 for a pay phone call? Wow, that price went up. :)
"$2 for a pay phone call? Wow, that price went up"
Australian dollars, though--that would be about $1.48 US at the current exchange rates.
I'm under the thought that Eos is late because Mem landed on her car and in fact all you can see of it is his feet sticking up from where he engine used to be and she is trying to figure out what happened.
14th of September, 2016 (Wednesday)
But Eos hasn't created Mem yet, so he's busy 'splainin' to her that she's his mother. Sort of.
But then, something or someone transmitted the knowledge to build The Machine to Eos when she saw Charlie die. What would she become aware of upon encountering Memnon?
Doesn't Australia have 1-800-COLLECT?
A kid alone at night in the middle of nowhere soaking wet and the assistant is unconcerned and unhelpful. Annoyingly that guy will probably survive all this.
Deof Movestofca
Sad Charlie is sad. :O(
15th of September, 2016 (Thursday)
@Faust Maybe Eos will get her hands on him.
@Rea - Used to be $0.25 for a call. Rick is right. Price is outrageous.
Here it is 50 then another 3.50 for 5 Min's, I rather leave a collect message, mom gets it ever time haha
16th of September, 2016 (Friday)
Just noticed I didn't say. 50 or 50 cents hahaha, confusing aren't I hahah
Hey, Tober. Hope you're feeling well. Once/week works for me if that's what's best for you. Either way, take care of you.
17th of September, 2016 (Saturday)
@Faust: To be fair, Charlie didn't bother going into detail about his situation. If he'd /said/ "I need help" or "I'm in trouble" or "I need the phone because I'm lost" the man might very well have helped. But Charlie didn't volunteer any of that so the man minded his own business. Literally.
Rest up Tober, take your time heal, rest and when ready come back, we will all wait for yah
You good, Tober?

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