About the comic

Blood Splattered Socks is a slice of life webcomic that occasionally veers into scifi time travel.




An 11 year old boy. One day he got sent to the future to live with his older self. Nobody knows why. He now goes to a new school and tries to act like he's not a time traveller.

He insists that people use his middle name in an attempt to sound less girly.

Full name: Sam Charlie Innow
Date of birth: 2nd of February, 1990
Effective date of birth: 9th of September, 2006
Underwear: Tighty whities
Wedgies (recieved): 14
Wedgies (given): 0


Charlie's only best friend. Is taking this whole Charlie is a time traveller thing very well.

She's still slightly suspicious that he might just be from New Zealand.

Full name: Ashley Elliot Wednesday
Date of birth: 6th of June, 2006
Number of bones broken: 3
Underwear: Boxers (brother's)
Accent: Australian, with a hint of American
Favourite song: I like you so much better when you're naked - Ida Maria
Because: Her parents forbade her from listening to it


Charlie's 27 year old self. He's still trying to work out how this time travel thing works. In the meantime he acts as a substitute parent for Charlie.

He holds down a job as a systems administrator that unaccountably pays enough to support a child he wasn't expecting.

Full name: Sam Charlie Innow
Date of birth: 2nd of February, 1990
Number of embarrassing childhood photos: 360
Number of embarrassing adulthood photos: 344
Total amount spent on computers: $14,641
Underwear: Boxer briefs


Sam's friend since childhood. He's currently engaged to Sam's sister. Charlie is not happy about this.

He likes long walks on the beach and advanced molecular biology.

Full name: John Jack Daniels
Date of birth: 8th of August, 1990
Sex: Yes please (groan)
Underwear: No thanks, I'm good (double groan)
Number of lab accidents requiring evacuation: 3
Total amount spent on alcohol: $14,642


Johnny's Boss. Sam seems to have a crush on her. Along with everyone else.

Full name: Eos McMilligan
Date of birth: 4th of April, 1984
Height: 1.9 metres, give or take
God of: The dawn
High school 100 metre sprint time: 10.12 seconds


Charlie's kid sister. Something of a wet blanket.

Full name: Kate Julie Innow
Date of birth: 12th of December, 1993
Known secrets about her brother: 62, sorted alphabetically and colour coded by topic
Reason for marrying Johnny: Unknown, presumed malicious

Charlie's Teacher

Don't worry about him, he's not important.

Full name: William Thaddeus Rosen
Number of classes cancelled by falling asleep: 6.5
Favourite movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show


Ash's big brother.

Full name: Alexander Isaac Wednesday
Went to university for: All the wrong reasons
Favourite song: All My Loving - the Beatles
Favourite song (away from girlfriend): Don't Stop me Now - Queen


Charlie's plush toy by day, Charlie's plush toy by night.

Named after: God of Dreams
Not named after: The Matrix



Full name: ???
Purpose: ???
Date of birth: ???
???: Duran Duran


The author, what a crazy guy.

Spirit Animal: Tywin Lannister
All I want to be: The universe