13th of July, 2016 (Wednesday)

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That's what you get when you destroy every single artificial light in the world.

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13th of July, 2016 (Wednesday)
Rufus Opus
Ok, theory time:
Rothwell is the gov't's attempt to replicate Memnon. Roth can travel through time and is following the last orders received before Mem killed everyone.
Those orders are to kill "Charlie" before he meets Eos, since his death in front of her created Mem.
Mem is also trying to save Charlie from dying. Mem sends Charlie forward, Mem's the one Roth says saved Charlie when he tried to kill him in his own timeline. This is evidenced by Mem's knowledge of Charlie's name. Rothwell didn't know Charlie's name at all when they met. Roth seemed confused, and was no longer trying to kill Charlie, he had only kidnapped him. He was trying to figure out what was going on.
The gov't sent roth back to kill Charlie because they know Mem goes back in time and sends Charlie *forward* in time to have the adventures that result in Eos creating Memnon. They end up ruining the attempt by Memnon to save the world from himself.
Eos was left at a hospital, probably by some time traveler. Was she created by Roth or Mem?
Kid Cthulhu
@Rufus Opus: It's as good a theory as any so far.
@Rufus Opus:
What's this about sending people forward in time? I think the only time travel we've seen so far is Charlie getting sent back on the very first page, and the implied time travel pastward that's about to happen.
Charlie got sent *forward*, from when he was a kid to when he was the adult Sam.
I gotta admit that my reaction to pretty much everything since Charlie got shot has been, "... What."
@Rufus Opus: Your theory is interesting, but I wonder: what would be the reasons for Mem to send Charlie forward? If there's no Charlie in Sam's time, Eos won't need to make Mem. Plus, the man Charlie described to Sam at the beginning of this story was not "twelve feet tall". Charlie would have noticed that. And he said in his letter that Charlie was in danger in his own world/time. And anyway, I'm not even sure Mem knows where Charlie came from, because Eos didn't know, did she?
I'm really having trouble following all this since Charlie was shot.
agree it has gotten more complicated since Charlie died, and the story line has changed, but I find it intriguing and creative
I feel slightly closer to getting answers, but I love the mystery. Like others I'll have to reread it again to understand what happened, and I've glanced several times at the first few chapters to remember, but I'm fascinated. I'm in.
Some Physicist Guy
I just realized something that makes me feel kind of dumb. None of the back-and-forth time traveling theories matter. 2 Charlies existed at the same time and occupied the same space, the older one didn't time travel. This has two implications: 1) It's a Many Worlds theory in which case none of it matters because it's a separate timeline and everything can change. (for a quick understanding watch DBZA from where Trunkz arrives on) 2) if it is a single timeline paradox theory that means Sam is not the same same as he would have had to travel forward in time, die, come back to life, forget everything, go back in time, and continue his life as normal until Charlie shows up.
My point is that option 2 sounds just as dumb when I write it out, option is the realistic answer for story continuity, which means that anything and everything can change and going back in time can actually make a difference and classical consistency plain does not apply.
14th of July, 2016 (Thursday)
All of this "theoretical" rationalization blows up when you realize that for young Charlie to coexist at the same time as mature Charlie, you have to have two different timelines. At this point, you have to question whether or not there is such a thing as time travel, or merely alternate dimensions of time that explore the range of all possibility. That being said, every moment in time, every possible outcome, progressively prunes itself to the final ultimate choice leading to the end of the universe and time itself...
...or this is all just BS! :P
Rufus Opus
My theory has holes, but I thought I'd throw it into the mix :D
So definitely a "Many Worlds" thing, but also a "single outcome" scenario. The two Sam/Charlies existing together without one remembering the other past was because it's a loop and the younger Charlie dies, while older Sam doesn't. If the younger Charlie lived, the older Sam would have remembered it.
25th of July, 2016 (Monday)
This page reminds me of Asimov's 'Nightfall'. If you haven't read it, read the short story, first. Then read the full novel. Both are good but the short story is so powerful.

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