29th of August, 2016 (Monday)

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29th of August, 2016 (Monday)
I'd have the same expression as Charlie lol
"My dad and your Grandfather. Or was that Uncle? Just go with it, time travel gets confusing."
we got really close, but still no bloody socks. WHEREARETHESOCKS?
Kid Cthulhu
I like how Emi has her own backgrounds when she talks ^_^
We need Eos and Ash, stat!
@jimothy - I’ve always assumed it was a reference to fleeing from the chrono-assassin the first time through, given that there were two children with white socks and one adult set of feet, plus blood, involved. Although technically, Sam had no socks on and only one or two socks ended up bloody, so it could be completely unrelated and has to do with something we haven’t seen yet.
Cue Memnon falling from the sky (last panel of 414)? Naw, that'd be too easy.
Good catch on the backgrounds, Kid Cthulhu. There's very little happenstance in Tober's artwork.
Opus the Poet
Emi is in this reality, but she's not, hence the different backgrounds when she talks.
Sorry to bust some theories, but that isn't her own background, she is standing against a wall of a building.
Laughing Target is correct she is standing on the steps of something and he walks up to her so her background is different
but yea, seriously, where are the socks?
Magic Trees
We needs some socks.
Emi... may be in for a very rude shock in the near future. >_>;
Emi is so cute!
30th of August, 2016 (Tuesday)
Persistent Pidgey
Yeah you shove that hand away.
@M.W. - No, it's a reference to the time Sam stepped on a nail. The foot injury was the first recognizable signal between Sam and Charlie that they are the same person. When Ash later gets her foot injured from broken glass, she essentially states that she "joined the club".
This may also be a hint that the nail incident may later become a relevant turning point via timey whimey. Or, as BSS calls it, "Whorl".
31st of August, 2016 (Wednesday)
Kid Cthulhu
@Laughing Target: I stand by my theory. The angles in panel three and panel four are very close (like a slight camera pan)l but it's only purple in the one Emi has a line in. If not, the backgrounds from that angle should either both be stars or both be "wall".
Kid Cthulhu
*rereads previous pages, relooks at panel three* Okay, maybe not.
You're right, Laughing Target. I was looking too close to see real detail.
Suddenly the bloodstain on her dress is gone...
Still great pages
It's a virtual cyber dress from the future! Of course the bloodstain is gone!
Did you really think her dad gave her a not-self-cleaning dress to go with the sword?
Sorry, PrimordialRageChick, pasted your nick into the wrong field ^^"""
I feel like you're getting better at expressions on this page * u * I'm excited to see how much better you get. This story is compelling, even if the art is a little flat (very good anatomy though).

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