25th of August, 2016 (Thursday)

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"Cause you know, if you're not... this is pretty awkward..."

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25th of August, 2016 (Thursday)
Emi: (trys to kill someone) Hey, I know your name and have blood on my dress. Nice to meet you!
Magic Trees
Great way to make a first impression, Emi!
Eirika R.
Wow, she's so cute in such a creepy/awkward way
Kid Cthulhu
Emi is the Shampoo to Ash's Akane. This ought to get really interesting really fast ^_^
thing 1
"Time has resumed its shape! All is as it was before! Many such journeys are possible! Let me be your gateway!"
Never forget time travel Charlie 1st... now to wait for the story on the 2nd and how this all ties together with Emi too
There will be a love triangle I'm calling it
Oh, I finally understand what's going on again.
I'm personally holding out for Charlie being her uncle.
Will he notice her watch?
Alien Hunter
OK, OK, but I STILL would like to know when/how we crossed over from EOS' simulation into the real world...did I miss it?
What happens when Emi encounters her (kind of) grandmother-mom-sort-of-ancestor-person or something, Eos, who she's always understood to have been killed (412, panel 3)? Unless, of course, she didn't survive her encounter with Rothwell in #379.
Alien Hunter, it was when she stepped off the "sky". She fell and landed in the real world.
I'm finally really starting to like this story. I have stuck it out this long because of the art, which I think is quite captivating. Well, the story is pretty good too. Confusing, but things are starting to make a lot more sense now. This is actually a pretty damn smart sci-fi story. Thank you for not disappointing me.
26th of August, 2016 (Friday)
@Kid Cthulhu
I wasn't expecting the Ranma 1/2 references, and they are pretty much, tho I think more like Ukyo and Akane seeing Akane had crazy strength, and Ash is more human haha
Sooo....anyone else wondering how Eos' past relates to this times wimey stuff? It's got to, right?
Absolutely, MIRIAM_Vocaloid.
Do you think Charlie feels like he's looking in a mirror? Maybe Emi is Charlie's female alter-ego? The 'woman' inside? Maybe I'm peeling the wrong onion? Oh, hell! It's garlic!
Have a great weekend, all! Looking forward to Monday's edition!
That moment, when most Terminators do a better job at convincing human interaction than our heroine.
27th of August, 2016 (Saturday)
I can't wait to see where this goes.

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