31st of October, 2023 (Tuesday)

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31st of October, 2023 (Tuesday)
Opus the Poet
New comic! Yay.
Rob the Unwise
Thanks for the new page, Tober! I hope you are doing okay. Thanks for making this entire comic for us to enjoy.
At least paper tickets will not vanish without trace ... and automation will stay that miserable way long time, reliability is only a minor concern, in IT.
Thanks, +
New page! Hope you're doing well, Tober.
4th of November, 2023 (Saturday)
New page! Happy late Halloween, Tober! I hope you're well.
6th of November, 2023 (Monday)
23rd of November, 2023 (Thursday)
Opus the Poet
Happy Thanksgiving to the USA-ian readers.
24th of November, 2023 (Friday)
Happy Thanksgiving to Opus, and all

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