11th of July, 2016 (Monday)

Page 411

Man, outside! I love that place!

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11th of July, 2016 (Monday)
That's the digiworld again, and she is a new character.
Outside cosmetics might change... Maybe? She might be... Argh- someone.
I'm totally lost.
She looks excited
Kid Cthulhu
We just keep going further and further down the rabbit hole. The payoff is going to wild ^_^
This might end up being fun as a full book I can read through but at this point I'm out for now. I have no idea what is going on or why I should care about anything with the weird crazy AI guy or whatever the heck he is. I'll be back though, once the story is done.
thing 1
you see... it is as i warned you. you're losing readers. the lure of "the mystery", "the puzzle" only works for so long. if you don't reward readers with clear answers occasionally, they lose track of the narrative and give up. good stories are supposed to make sense WHILE you are reading them... not later.
Yet Another
Bunny is testing out his invisibility cloak in panel 3. Just in case.
No wonder he's her favorite.
I'm of the opinion that an artist is only obligated to make great art, not to maximize readership. If people wish to stop reading that is their own choice, but I am still invested and I am glad that Tober is keeping the suspense going (my hope is that, given enough small clues, I can piece together the truth before it is fully revealed).
Hey, she asked WHERE they are going, not when!
I agree with Pie and since your not paying for the comic the solution is simple really
I don't know where -or when- this comic is going, but I love this page nevertheless. And this new girl character.
I'm puzzled and lost but I dont mind, I'm just waiting to have the answers and trying to understand what's going on in the meantime. Not ready to give up reading get :P
Deof Movestofca
No one is being forced to keep reading the comic. Furthermore, for Tober to change the direction of the comic at this point and time to satisfy readership would probably ruin the story in the long run.

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