19th of September, 2016 (Monday)

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"Wait... you have a backpack?"

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19th of September, 2016 (Monday)
I forgot she had a pack lol
That moment when she changes in front of him, unaware of the implications of that.
Opus the Poet
She also has a small collection of stuffed animals in that backpack. It's probably big enough inside for the two of them to sleep in...
There's just random money laying around on the beach? And he's expecting that? And also, that's $2 worth?
If you could just find $2 randomly on any odd beach, people would be combing them left and right.
Canadians have a two dollar coin, I am sure other countries may as well
Don't they?
Granted, once they level up enough, they move on to panning for gold, and rolling orcs for rusty swords.
Then they sink all that money in leveling up crafting, but all the best gear is quest won.
Gordonne - £2 coin and even a £5 coin.
A beach is as good a place to search as any. There is a lot more random stuff under the sand on a beach that's used than almost anywhere else.
Your not the only one who can use a change of clothes. It's not all dresses is it?
21st of September, 2016 (Wednesday)
The magic time teleport watch that is only visible when it feels like it.
Deof Movestofca
Won't the clothes be wet though?
Where did the Chrono-Assassin go and does he think they're dead?
Why does he want to kidnap/kill Charlie in the first place?
22nd of September, 2016 (Thursday)
@Deof Movestofca No she was holding her bag not wearing it, she dropped it when she teleported to save charlie
23rd of September, 2016 (Friday)
It was on the beach, she just left it, I can see the cops surrounding the area because of a mysterious bag haha
24th of September, 2016 (Saturday)
How far off course could a whorl overflow error (#416, panel 2) put Memnon? He should have turned up by now.

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