8th of August, 2016 (Monday)

Page 417

Guess Memnon should have told her how swords work.

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8th of August, 2016 (Monday)
Me, not you
Glad to have you back Tober :D
Also, kick his ass Emi!
Glad you're back! I hope you feel better... And this is a great page, plot-wise, art-wise, and all. It's so nice to see Charlie and Emi help each other. And now we know for sure that they don't look so much alike. And that the future won't be the same. But wait, will Emi disappear, then? :(
Like honestly idk who to ship anymore xD
Also KidCthulu, I've been loving ur webcomic. Keep it up bro!!
:O This is getting to be deeper and deeper! Keep up the great work, and i hope that if you're not already feeling better, You get better soon!! :D
oh gosh. I'm so happy :D I absolutely adore Emi.
Gonna be hard to point that shootin' iron at Eos with severed wrist tendons, Rothwell, and now she has time to draw a good bead on your homicidal time travelin' ass.
Magic Trees
First off, I believe I've found a new ship.
Second off,
If the sword was unsheathed we wouldn't have to deal with Memnon
Welcome back chief
Unless she cleanly removes the hand, those tendons are mostly useless anyhow. Plus, he has a second hand.
I'm glad you've used your ability to flip the bird at causality to this effect, however.
Eirika R.
Both of those kids with instinctual heroic tendencies in them? Freaking awesome.
Welcome back!
Loving the twists n turns, rest up Tober, I'm on the edge of my seat constantly with this comic
Mr. Jones
Hits hard, that kid. To have a superhuman clutching his side from that strike...
Kid Cthulhu
Excellent page! Welcome back, Tober.
@PrimordialRageChick-Many thanks ^_^
Did not play out EXACTLY as I thought it would - I wanted EMI to crawl under that deck planking and him through the foot. Creating yet another "bloody sock".
^ and stab* him through the foot
Ok, finally we get back to something that makes sense. I'm still not sure who the girl in the green dress is, but at least we see that Charlie was saved. Time travel to save the life of the time traveler!
Three-way ship's a coming!
Heyyy Charlie's alive again (at least for another couple pages)!
@Tober Thanks for the great series, you've done an amazing job with this story!
@Kid Cthulhu Whats the name of your webcomic? I remember it being mentioned but don't remember what it was called
Deof Movestofca
I could have sworn I wrote something about it might be a good idea to give her at least a minimal amount of training with it, but I might not have and am not going back to check.
Oh, and welcome back Tober.
Welcome back, Tober. I can totally live with 2/week! Most importantly, i hope the rest helped. Chronic issues can be so exhausting because, well, they're chronic!
@Maple - Tangentville is Cthulu's comic. Haven't checked it out yet, myself. Let me know if it is NSFW.
Kid Cthulhu
@TominAlbany. It is indeed Tangentville. It's usually PG to PG-13 but some R stuff crops up. That's why I have to have that "mature content" pop-up warning. Probably best to check it from home to be on the safe side.
9th of August, 2016 (Tuesday)
Time for probably intended, and probably not intended, things I've noticed about this page.
Rothwell is super-surprised about being hit. Based on his previous assertion that only he can draw the trigger on his gun, I'm guessing he has super strength, and Emi probably has some too. The power of the blow was probably something he wasn't expecting from someone of this time.
On the other hand, after dodging to his left, Emi is somehow on his right, which means he had enough time to move his aim over her, and did not pull the trigger. That doesn't really make any sense.
I mean, even if he's not the spraying type, he shouldn't just lose his balance completely like that.
And yet more stuff never happened.
At least there's no possibility of any further interference from the other timeline. Still, so many other timelines to choose from...Who can possibly decide?!
Glad to see you're back.
10th of August, 2016 (Wednesday)
Or it could be a smartgun. i.e. designed with some method of detecting the correct user, and freezing up if held by anyone else.
I'm glad it's making a bit more sense now, but I'm really hoping we get more detail about the how and the why and everything from the confusing part.

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