5th of September, 2016 (Monday)

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It's definitely not the giant blood stain down the front of your dress.

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5th of September, 2016 (Monday)
So if Charlie 1 is dead but this Charlie (2) is alive AND knows Sam that would make it impossible to be Charlie 1 from the first timeline... cursed wibbly wobbly timey whimy getting all confusy :)
Also I'm sure Sam would love to take care of another kid.
Amazing Thingy
Ahhhh!!! There's a curious ghost behind Charlie in panel one!!!
Kid Cthulhu
But where is Eos?
a. reader
But Charlie still has a split lip and strangely tied tie. He has to be the same Charlie, doesn't he?
Unless...Charlie is also an AI and all of this is taking place on across servers? Could "THOOM" be the sound of a checkpoint?
@a. reader: His tie is probably in a Full Windsor knot. If so, the knot can stay tight while allowing the tie to be loosened from the neck.
@Jono This is Charlie split off from the moment Rothwell was about to kill him. That moment is after he traveled through time, and after he met Sam and Ash, and after he's been in his sister's wedding.
What would make you think he might be a Charlie that did not time travel? That would be either Sam, or a Charlie that was killed by Rothwell over 10 years before this moment.
6th of September, 2016 (Tuesday)
This Charlie is the other Charlie, there is always two of is on each situation, for example
You asked your highschool crush to go on a date, one case she said yes, and it goes on from there, and each action has two different options after that
And on the other hand you got turned down and you went on to do something else maybe become a rich business man.
Its the temporal wave, each action has a equal and opposite action, basically one you have what you want and the other what you need
This is Charlie. The other timeline where Charlie died is now withered and unimportant.
Case closed,
7th of September, 2016 (Wednesday)
Agree with Dark. Now our Charlie is finally safe...for the time being
I'm curious why the change of heart for Emi's dad, why he decided to destroy his own timeline by bringing Charlie back to life
@Dark: I agree, though I'm really curious to know how Tober himself sees/imagines those timelines.

@Light: I think he just felt sorry for destroying the world, didn't he?
What I'd really want to know now is who decided to send Charlie in this timeline at the beginning of the story, and why. But I think we'll have to wait yet, before learning this.
8th of September, 2016 (Thursday)
Kid Cthulhu
@caribouchat: Or perhaps Mem wanted to spare EOS from being crippled and eventually killed, even if it meant sacrificing himself to do so? For some reason that makes more sense to me.
...Because, if my not-girlfriend sees you, she's going to bite my lip... AGAIN!
@Kid Cthulhu: I agree, this also. But he says to Emi: "Because if they do [kill Charlie], I will be created and kill everyone ... it's not what your mother would have wanted" p.412
9th of September, 2016 (Friday)
He has watched terminator and knows about the infiltration units. He won't have seen Screamers, that seems slightly more relatable and with the blood covered kid in front of him insisting it's human and want to go with... terrifying.
Magic Trees
Now watch her go anyways!
@caribouchat: Note the Ash and Tober avatars at http://bloodsplatteredsocks.com/about
There are few if any unintentional things in Tober's artwork.
I never said he's the first, in fact I only said Charlie 1 and 2, not original and timeline split.
This Charlie would have to be at least the 3rd, but it could Charlie 948375931 for all we know about timelines and time travel
@Tober: no update, I hope you're ok. Anyway, take your time, we can wait, and I wish you the best...
@Phlatus: sorry, I don't understand what you're aiming at, could you be more explicit?
Hey!! It's Charlie's 'effective' birthday today! Happy 'effective' Birthday, Charlie! (See character bios..)
@caribouchat: Much as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote himself into the Sherlock Holmes stories as Dr. John Watson and John D. MacDonald probably modeled Dr. Meyer, Travis McGee's sidekick, on himself, it looks to me like Tober is telling us that he's writing himself into the story as Ash.
As I said before, if there's something in the artwork, Tober means it to be there.
11th of September, 2016 (Sunday)
No update...is everything ok?
@Phlatus: thanks. I think I get what you meant.

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