24th of October, 2016 (Monday)

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24th of October, 2016 (Monday)
Are we sure he *only* fell in the water?
Kid Cthulhu
"Sam? Don't bring Ash. I can only handle one crazy potential interest at a time."
Deof Movestofca
Now that I think about it, this makes my brain hurt. Why is Sam even in the hotel? At this point in the previous timeline, weren't he and Ash supposed to have been left carless in the parking lot after Rothwell kidnapped Charlie and drove him to the pier?
Thanks so much Tober for giving us the story, even in its simplest form. It's great to get to know what happens.
@Deof Movestofca: we don't know how long Rothwell drove, but Sam and Ash must have had time to get back to the hotel, there were other guests to drive them there I suppose.
25th of October, 2016 (Tuesday)
Yaaayyy more story!! Thanks Tober!!!!:)
Panel 3 gives me the impression that girl is gone
26th of October, 2016 (Wednesday)
@Kid Cthulhu, they are kids and a bit too young to have 'potential interest[s]'
@G It's a early stage WIP I am guessing or she has gone off to check out the rest of the store.
29th of October, 2016 (Saturday)
Oh, yeah, like Ash kissing/biting him and then finding out he was with another girl(that creepily looks like him) would go over sooooo well.

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