Friday, 8th of April, 2016

Page 369

Monday, 11th of April, 2016

Page 370

Guess who has two thumbs and spent two days making a new 3d model for this car? Not me; my hands fell off making the damn model.

Wednesday, 13th of April, 2016

Page 371

... Is that a yes?

Friday, 15th of April, 2016

Page 372

Also, the safety was on.

Monday, 18th of April, 2016

Page 373

Acceleration due to gravity, to be specific.

Wednesday, 20th of April, 2016

Page 374

Yeah, Charlie, put your seat belt on. Wouldn't want to get hurt, would you?

Friday, 22nd of April, 2016

Page 375

"Now that that's settled, do you want anything? A slurpie, a mars bar, maybe?"

Monday, 25th of April, 2016

Page 376

Rothwell looked for a black or dark blue to coordinate with his outfit, but the hardware store only had orange.

Wednesday, 27th of April, 2016

Page 377

That kid's always up to mischief.

Friday, 29th of April, 2016

Page 378

That's the boot release, by the way. I don't know why they put that there.

Monday, 2nd of May, 2016

Page 379

"Hey! You run like a girl!"

Wednesday, 4th of May, 2016

Page 380

Friday, 6th of May, 2016

Page 381

Charlie didn't listen to Lee; keep that hair short.

Monday, 9th of May, 2016

Page 382

*Ennio Morricone intensifies*

Wednesday, 11th of May, 2016

Page 383

Friday, 13th of May, 2016

Page 384

Monday, 16th of May, 2016

Page 385

Sam only had two pictures of Charlie to choose from.

Wednesday, 18th of May, 2016

Page 386

Ash wasn't allowed to go to the funeral.

Friday, 20th of May, 2016

Page 387

This colourful character here is called Hyperion.