20th of April, 2016 (Wednesday)

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Yeah, Charlie, put your seat belt on. Wouldn't want to get hurt, would you?

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20th of April, 2016 (Wednesday)
Interesting, wondering if the somebody is his "boss" or other such higher ranking person... clearly he can easily kill him now but is instead detaining him.
That third-to-last panel isn't quite cropped right...
The fuel! It's somewhere between F and F! NOOOO!
Guess beni- err sorry, Rothwell is as much out of the loop as Charlie is.
Though must suck to be a Chrono-assassin when your action could change the future, though not in a way your existence is on the line, but enough where your boss flip-flops in the middle of an assignment. Wait was it a flip-flop or... grrr, Roth's right. It is complicated. Going to have to hash out a time travel and paradox guide at a later date.
Huh, I've personally never seen a fuel gauge where empty it on the left, I don't think. In all the cars I've driven (not many) they're vertical and empty is on the bottom, though, so I might just be unaware.
@zhourahl I think vertical fuel gages are more common, but there are definitely horizontal ones, too—a lot of GM vehicles, for example (I had a Saturn with a horizontal one). On any horizontal fuel gauge I’ve ever seen E is on the left, as well, but it is funny that the panel cropping is such that E and F look identical.
They're gonna stop for fuel and Charlie's gonna try to run, right?
In North America most cars have horizontal gas gauges. I've seen a couple vertical but the vast majority is horizontal. That being said, this isn't in Australia...
I want a fuel tank that goes from Full to Full.
Maybe it's Full of Fuel to Full of Air...
Where's the little triangle that tells you where to find the fuel door?
Rothwell's expression in that bottom panel is freaking killer.
21st of April, 2016 (Thursday)
Thursday Violist
I'm going to guess that it was actually Ash that was the one who "interfered". Future Ash from the future.
24th of April, 2016 (Sunday)
Still got a sixteenth of a tank there. No big issue.

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