29th of April, 2016 (Friday)

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That's the boot release, by the way. I don't know why they put that there.

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29th of April, 2016 (Friday)
Kid Cthulhu
But Tober, Charlie doesn't wear boots!
(I'm kidding. You call it a boot, we call it a trunk).
Good thing he took that sniper rifle with him so that creepy talking dude can't just shoot him. Oh, he left it in the back seat? Must be... some clever reverse psychology?
That Guy
Charlie should have stolen the rifle.
It would be pretty suspicious to walk into a gas station w/ a sniper rifle.
In reality, Charlie isn't brave, he just has a death-wish.
This Guy
They put the boot release there for something called "This exact situation". Its so you have a way out if your traped and breaking glass isn't a viable option.
Da Ol' Troll
Why take the rifle ? Just take the bolt .
The rifle is too heavy for him. Plus
, I doubt he knows how to field strip a rifle to get the bolt.
Some Physicist Guy
@Da Ol' Troll and LaughingTarget: And it doesn't have a bolt we picked that thing apart pretty well in a previous comment section.
That looks like the normal place for a boot release, under the front drivers seat where it's easy for the driver to access. Also common to see it under the steering column. Depending on the age of the car there should also be an emergency release inside the boot itself to keep kids from getting stuck inside the boot. (hint hint)
Not That Guy
Where did his seatbelt go in the first panel?
30th of April, 2016 (Saturday)
I wonder why he bothered to go out the boot? I just would have left via the far side door. Close it quickly (and quietly) and the kidnapper might think he was just slumped down until he got back to the car.
I wouldn't leave the doors openable from inside if I had a hostage. I'd assume the car has child safety locks.
I had the same thought, and realized that this is a pre-adolescent (how old is he?) child... probably with not much experience sneaking around / being stealthy.
Also wondering:
Looks like ??? (a.k.a. Rothwell) has just been standing there.
... is he a) confused about how to fill up with petrol (gas),
b) testing to see what Charlie would do?
((both in terms of i) choices, and/or ii) capabilities))
1st of May, 2016 (Sunday)
@Joseph - Charlie is 11.
And does that type of weapon even have a bolt? Take the power packs?

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