27th of April, 2016 (Wednesday)

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That kid's always up to mischief.

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27th of April, 2016 (Wednesday)
That Guy
Charlie... what are you doing. This will not end well.
Most people forget about that fold down in the back seat for long it's like skis. Clever boy!
That is "items", not "it's". Darn you autocorrect.
Ah, yes, just what I was looking for. Aspirin.
Not That Guy
He should have hid in the trunk making Rothwell think he ran.
@Not That Guy he would still have to get out the med kit because he can't slip out of the seat belt with his arms bound around it.
Yeah, he's cleverly enough tied to the seatbelt. But he's a smart cookie, and he will get the scissors and fail miserably at using them
This is actually very smart. If you are kidnapped and someone tells you they will kill you if you try to escape never listen, because chances are they will try to kill you anyhow. Make keeping you as difficult as possible. Do everything you can to escape no matter how scared you are. That is one of the first things they taught in self defense.
Opus the Poet
Nifty, not one but TWO pairs of scissors to gnaw through the tape binding him.
Guys, don't forget, it's a comic. On the web. A story told through pictures, as the artist sees fit.
Let's not get over-analytical. Let's let the artist do that artist thing, eh?
28th of April, 2016 (Thursday)
Not That Guy
@Rufus, if you do not want to then just ignore us but don't try and make us seem like fools for using the comment area for it actual use.
So, does this establish that Roswell has to eat/drink/pee and therefor isn't a machine, or is going in there to get Charlie a Snickers?
@phlatus - maybe you can't pay for fuel at the pump. He needs to go inside.
29th of April, 2016 (Friday)
@Felix, good point. If he's time traveling from the past, his credit card is sure to be expired, and if he's coming back from the future, it hasn't been activated yet. ;)

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