13th of May, 2016 (Friday)

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13th of May, 2016 (Friday)
Oh my god
That Guy
Oh god. Now the emotion kicks in.
Me, not you
Kid Cthulhu
Gah! So Eos is toast too?!
That panel of numb Sam shielding Ash's eyes is like a punch in the gut.
RIP, Charlie. ...Or Charlie stunt double? How does Sam still exist?
@Dotcom: the answer to that really depends on what kind of time travel we're dealing with, here. I think the most likely candidate discussed has been the "pulling from a different timeline" type instead of "moving within the same timeline" type. The timeline that Sam lives in never had Charlie getting abducted in the first place, obviously.
Well........ that happened....
Wondering if there's a time paradox, some loopback or other such... or if the story will continue as is
Bucky Balls Theory.
You cannot alter the flow of you own timeline by moving into its past to effect change.
The movement brings you into a parallel reality. Any alteration you make is the continuation of that reality.
Not worded well (or likely accurately) but the gist is there.
Maybe Tober goes by Back to the Future rules? The "ripple effect" means that changes made in one part of the timeline aren't instantaneously real in every part of the timeline. Instead, they propagate somewhat slowly (or else Marty would have vanished as soon as he interrupted his parents' first meeting, rather than having a week to correct his mistake). That principle would also allow Charlie to go forward to meet his future self (as it does for Marty and Jennifer in BTTF2), unless like @ERA mentioned a couple comments ago, he's from a different timeline/reality altogether.
Sam didn't disappear when Charlie was shot for the same reason that Sam doesn't remember being grabbed when he was a child and taken to his adult self.
We don't know the details. It could be that Charlie was pulled from another time line. It could be that Charlie was grabbed and brought forward, then shot, then later the timeline was managed to undo everything so Charlie never died and Sam doesn't remember ever being Charlie.
It seems possible that time travel will be used to fix this. I'm trusting Tober to not just say "then they were all sad, the end." I'm hoping that the ending will have Charlie and Ash still friends together, not "we're sending Charlie back to the time where he belongs" and definitely not "welp, Charlie sure is dead."
that kiwi guy
fuck......she does fuck stuff up.
Mr. Jones
Whelp. At least Sam is still there. That gives me a reason to call Everett back into question. If Sam is there and, as is assumed, Charlie is not, then Charlie may be from another version of reality (universe, timeline, etc.). Given that Sam doesn't remember traveling in time as a child to live with his twenty-something self, then is can be assumed reasonably. Now... the reason has to be explored. I mean, why send a past, alternate version of someone to the future in another timeline/universe just to be executed for trying to escape execution? *Shrugs* I guess we will find out.
This is so sad...
Oh the feels!!!
Maybe Rockwell was adult Sam sent back in time to save his young self who was sent forward in time. Ouch, that made my brain hurt.
Some Physicist Guy
Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is not using a paradox-loop theory for time travel (the same theory used in Looper) and is more a Many-Worlds theory (same one they used in DBZ) because this is definitely not using a static timeline theory (like in 12 Monkey, the original movie, haven't watched the show)
@Kid Cthulhu, I think that's Charlie's blood on Eos' shirt, she's probably fine
So... unless they put you in an ambulance for having someone else's blood on your shirt... looks like Eos got gut-shot by Rothwell as she pulled the trigger. And is Charlie really truly dead ('cause that would be awesome)?
Also, I'm choosing to imagine that the lights on the distant (island) shore are fires started by the Thoom Gun's shot.
Matthew Bernal
Oh god. What even is going to happen from now on?
Eirika R.
Ohhhh good lord.
I'm absolutely loving this part of the story, where it's seems to be pretty far in and yet there's a million more questions then concrete answers then BAM you're hit with a massively emotional scenario like this where you're just staring at your computer screen muttering "...whaaaaat? WHAAAAAAT?!?" to the point of your dog looking at you questioningly(at least in my case haha). Jeez, to witness a child killed in such a way, or losing a close friend out of nowhere at such a young age... It would be unimaginable unless you've gone through it yourself. I don't know how I would deal with it, or if I even could.
It would be a perfect time to go into a hiatus... but please don't :(
Keep up the hard work you beautiful Tober you! Wonderfully done, is all else I can say for now!
I have a feeling that Charlie might be back. Even though Charlie travelled in the future, nothing like that happened to Sam in his childhood=>multiple realities. This means another Charlie from another dimension might show up and they'll have to try to save him again
Chris the Blue
Hoooly mooooly.
This got REAL.
What do you all think of page 8 of this comic? Could that be Ash?
Kid Cthulhu
@Some Physicist Guy. Sadly, I disagree. Look at the distances between them during the standoff and look at the hole in Eos's belly on this page. Also, Eos is getting loaded in an ambulance.
I guess that bastard really was a Chrono-Assassin.
I'm betting Sam travels back, gives Charlie the watch with a timer on it to move him out the bullets path maybe just forwards a few minutes or something. Might need to hide it on his ankle rather than wrist. When he was asleep in the car would be an opportune moment as he wouldn't know it was there and things wouldn't change because of it.
14th of May, 2016 (Saturday)
Wow, just Wow!
Is Tober an alias for George R. R. Martin?
@Rick that's actually a good guess, though Rothwell doesn't look too similar to Sam. Then again what kind of chrono assassin would leave the house without a disguise?
@Zero Nah, that's Johnny.
@PrimordialRageChick I kind of figured that maybe Rockwell's pale skin and weird voice are some kind of effect of time travel on Sam's body... Time travel is not healthy!
@Zero, just looked back at page 8. WOW the artwork has improved on this strip!
Hold on...
Charlie, Sam and Eos were at the reception, wearing tux, tux and dress respectively. Then chrono guy abducts Charlie from the reception. Then Sam runs off from the reception and chases after chrono guy who now has Charlie.
We get the short back-and-forth between chrono guy (Rothwell) and Charlie.
Then Eos appears. NOT WEARING A DRESS. All while Ash and Sam are still in tuxedoes.
Something is WAY OFF here.
There's always the possibility that everything we've been told is a lie. Sam (while being a real boy) isn't actually Charlie, but a clone (as Eos mentioned) and has been imprinted with Charlie's memories. He may be genuinely dead, but it's always possible there's another Sam walking around to complicate things even more.
17th of May, 2016 (Tuesday)
So good! I am now completely hooked on this comic. I didn't expect this gut-punch at all. Also, something is definitely up with Eos. (The clothes changing and the ability to fire the future rifle definitely mean she is more than Sam thinks she is.)
Totally Sam's fault. The note could NOT have been any clearer.
Yes Sam, close friends DO count.
19th of May, 2016 (Thursday)
@TuffEnuff aw come on you can't blame the victim ;) But also, given what they're dealing with -- an assassin who can actually see through time -- I doubt it was Johnny or Ash who gave them away.

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