15th of April, 2016 (Friday)

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Also, the safety was on.

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15th of April, 2016 (Friday)
That Guy
Remember kids, rifles are not effective CQB weapons. Also, why does he have the rifle? It's clearly supposed to be a sniper rifle, but he's shown a history of close-quarters attacks. also the barrels down the sides? Is it projected energy weapon? A gauss rifle? Railgun? A standard projectile gun? Is there supposed to be on a bipod? It looks big and heavy...
Kid Cthulhu
"YoU LefT thE SAfeTy oN, chILd..."
Still, that's a cool rifle. Reminds me of the something the Tau would use.
That Guy
Also, you want a very smooth trigger pull for a sniper rifle, generally a stiffer trigger would lead to a less accurate shot because you jostle the gun when you pull the trigger. Additionally, I have concluded it is a projectile weapon because the very long barrel only has a use to increase the accuracy of a ballistic, unguided projectile. Also, where's the bolt or magazine? I'm just very curious how this rifle works. Maybe it's an electromagnetic plasma rifle? Firing a bolt of plasma down the barrel? Perhaps the other barrels are part of a rail gun mechanism?
Amazing Thing
If it was too long how did he turn the gun around? He grabbed it barrel first but is holding the stock in the second panel.
Dang, good try by Charlie, though. That's more guts than I would expect.
Brave Charlie! I really like the font and spacing in time guys bubbles. Nice technique to show how he speaks.
finger print scanning trigger?
seen the elephant
rifles don't work in close quarters eh? Maybe not a bloody great sniper rifle built for killing blue space whales from 3AU's like that one. BUT, I know you're wrong. :)
Some Physicist Guy
No visible magazine or ejection chamber, so unless its a shell-less metal storm weapon, probable not a slug thrower. Not likely to be rail, there are no rails and it has a barrel. Rail guns have a sled that sits between two rails and the generated magnetic fields from current moving across that sled is what propels it down the length of the rails. Gauss is still possible, as long as the barrel is a non-ferric material, the four little barrels could be stabilizers for the concentric magnetic rings that would have to sit inside the barrels casing, although there is not a lot of space for that, so not too likely. Laser is possible if the barrel is for focusing lenses, which is super 80s sci-fi, not really needed with current technology, which means it would totally not be needed at all in the future. Plasma is an iffy one as well since current plasma projectiles are gases in a glass projectile, ionized by electromagnetic fields to the point of becoming plasma while moving down a Gauss or Rail gun; so you can work out the flaws there. And, future sci-fi and all that, if it didn't need a containment projectile for plasma, you wouldn't need the barrel. So most likely a metal storm shell-less solid projectile, which you could even load through the barrel, so that seems the most likely kind of weapon, which is pretty cool.
That Guy
@Some Physicist Guy: I had not thought of metal storm actually... Interesting theory. I was trying with the idea of the additional barrels being sensors for distance and wind speed/direction to couple with the optics. Also, would the large barrel be a muzzle loading or interchangeable action in that case? There are issues with both, but the electronic firing action does explain the lack of bolt.
So many questions, so few answers...
Wait, where did the gun come from? He wasn't carrying it at the wedding, and he stole the car. This gun just appeared!
That Guy
@Vox Holy Crap you're right! Maybe it's his time machine...
Whenever I read that text, I imagine he sounds just like the phantom from Phantom of the Paradise
16th of April, 2016 (Saturday)
Is there really a difference between a guass rifle and a rail gun? Anyway, whatever this gun is, it can't be a conventional ballistic weapon.
Also @some physicist guy couldn't a railgun have a plastic or some such to protect the rails from weathering as well as providingbstructure?
That Guy
@Personface A gauss gun uses sequential powerful electromagnets to pull a ferric projectile down the barrel. Usually these are coils, hence the nickname of "Coil Gun". A rail gun uses two parallel conductive "rails" with the projectile seated between touching both rails. By sending a charge through the circuit, the projectile is accelerated. It's functionally very similar to a homopolar motor, but linear rather than rotational. Usually it is easier to build a rail gun, but you can get higher muzzle velocities from a gauss gun.
It's also possible that that isn't a gun at all, and that he wanted to see how Charlie would react. Now, chrono-assassin knows that Charlie will try to kill him if given the chance.
17th of April, 2016 (Sunday)
Maybe a stock loading single shot... We haven't seen the flat end of the gun butt yet.
Although after that Star Trek episode I'd like to see Chekhovs gun getting used again.

The teleport modified TR - 116 ?
18th of April, 2016 (Monday)
@Amazing Thing:
He's telling Charlie there isn't enough space between the seat and his own head to accommodate pointing the gun at him and getting a shot off, there's still plenty of space in the car to turn it around.
2nd of May, 2016 (Monday)
I think this might be from a future in which the industrial designers have taken over absolutely everything. So there could be anything in there. Maybe the high tech equivalent of a paintball gun. Laser tag? Or even a lighter. ;-)
That's a pretty fat barrel. Maybe a small projectile and the rails are inside the barrel? Maybe the fat barrel keeps everything in a vacuum until the projectile gets to the end.
I think the guy must be blowing smoke about the trigger pull. He's probably blowing smoke about the gun being too long. Think about what it would be like to have your eyes and ears that close to the muzzle of a large gun going off!
Or we could just trust the author. This is a time travel story, so I think a certain suspension of disbelief is assumed.

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