11th of April, 2016 (Monday)

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Guess who has two thumbs and spent two days making a new 3d model for this car? Not me; my hands fell off making the damn model.

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11th of April, 2016 (Monday)
That Guy
Kid Cthulhu
I like his creepy font.
I get the feeling chrono-assassin is not human. How like terminator.
My interest and creeped out-edness have both been piqued.
I read his lines slowly and shifting in tone and volume, also like a ghostly echo... so probably not the intended way but ghosts scare me more than clowns with chainsaws so I like it.
Also your car detailing is amazing especially considering cars are insanely difficult
Your thumbs sacrificed themselves for a good cause. And the chrono-assassin's font reminds me of G-Man from Half-Life 2. Very creepy.
The font for chrono-guy mostly works well, but I find the text in the last panel a little distracting. The words "snot work" jump off the page.
that kiwi guy
hoohoo, could he be a good guy?
@that kiwi guy:
I would suspect the concept of "good guy" may not apply to it.
.esrsver ni nekops osla tub ,esrever ni dedrocer erew yeht fi sa meht daer I
I read them as if they were recorded in reverse, but also spoken in reverse.
that kiwi guy
@Charidan well yeah but still bad guys dont care about names, makes the killing process more difficult.
I think the assassin is a little off his rocker...
Very good point, that kiwi guy, and very true.
Seeing Mr. Pasty's font... puts me in mind of the Machine in Person of Interest.
" CAN - You - HEAR - Me?"
Hmm, he doesn't use contractions. Shades of Data in ST:TNG.
@sky - there are some real people like that. On a bad day I am the same.
12th of April, 2016 (Tuesday)
Jeudi Violist
I'll bet he's going to say "Hey, in the future you're going to be a time policeman. This is your recruitment."
Opus the Poet
Not as up on Ozzie cars as I should be. Basically all I know are the Holden Commodore and the Ford Falcon from the V8 Supercar races. So what is the one in the comic?
Ore Another Or
He absolutely, totally reminds me of HAL. Just saying, that voice was creepy, and the font gives me thought of modulation. Artificial modulation of the past has become standard voice of the future?

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