8th of April, 2016 (Friday)

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8th of April, 2016 (Friday)
That Guy
Following the patterns of previous chapter titles, the Chrono-Assassin may speak yet...
No kidding he still runs. That dude is creepy. I would run, too.
Kid Cthulhu
Run Forrest..um, I mean Charlie!
thing 1
that is way too many stars.
that kiwi guy
"But i love you Charlie!, you said we could be forever together!".
@thing1 - not really. It depends on current atmospheric pressure, temperatures and light pollution.
On a rare night only once or twice a year I can see the sky like that.
Opus the Poet
I can see stars like that in NM UT or West TX almost every night. It didn't use to be so hard to find a dark enough sky to see that many stars, I could see them in the rural areas of TN when I was a kid, but everyone and their dog has a area light that would work as a street light in the city on just about every building out on the country now. You have to get really out in the boonies to get away from the light pollution now.
@thing1 No, that looks about right for a secluded area far away from cities and light pollution.
Here is a photo of the night sky in a remote area:
I'm a So. Cal native and the first time I saw a sky like that was when I was 14 and campedro in Yellowstone. It's amazing to see for yourself.
9th of April, 2016 (Saturday)
If at first you don't succeed, steal a car, kidnap your victim, and wonder why he's running away.

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