4th of May, 2016 (Wednesday)

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4th of May, 2016 (Wednesday)
Kid Cthulhu
Now would be a -really- good time for Eos to save the day!
And then in comes Eos With that fancy sniper rifle that idiot assassin forgot he left in the open and unlocked car. (\ .,. /) has he never played an rpg you never leave fancy things just laying around protagonists always try to take them
He's doing his best Titanic King of the World impression.
That Guy
Honestly thought that that crack was gunfire and charlie was shot at first.
Eos Ex Machina?
I think it was a shot. See the black spot on the railing in the last panel? It wasn't there two panels earlier.
"crack" is a better sound effect than "blam" for a lot of guns, but "blam" is unambiguously the sound effect of a gun.
"blam" -- we know a gun fired.
"crack" plus muzzle flash and barrel flip -- we know a gun fired.
"crack" without muzzle flash or barrel flip -- I'm not sure what happened. Maybe the gun fired?
Overall I think the gun fired, but I would argue for changing the sound effect to "blam" or adding some muzzle flash.
Of course it could be a futuristic time traveler pistol that makes no noise and has no barrel flash, which fires a self-accelerating projectile so there's not enough recoil to cause muzzle flip, but whose projectile breaks the sound barrier making a "crack" sound effect. In which case I everything is perfect! But I'd suggest adding a thought bubble on future guy, saying "WELP, I JUST FIRED MY PISTOL."
5th of May, 2016 (Thursday)
Did Roswell hit him with some kind of dart gun (hence the single "CRACK" report)? I noticed that spot on the rail, too, LaughingTarget, so I don't think so.
Roswell's pointing his weapon at the ground in the last frame and that look on Charlie's face; do they see something across the river?
It's been made pretty clear that Charlie isn't a termination target and that Rothwell doesn't want to kill him. So the question, to me, isnt necessarily why hasn't he killed him but when? Once he jumped timelines, there shouldn't be a reason to chase him down unless his death is some kind of linchpin to an alternate timeline where the real mastermind is manipulating history to assure a specific outcome. Now we get into the infinite timeline theories and Schrödinger's Cat blah blahblah I'm going to bed.
Come on guys, look at the art.
Charlie ran, came up against the railing, Rothwell shot hitting the rail next to Charlie, Charlie froze in mid climb.
More next comic.
My goodness, a warning shot after all those threats? Generous...!

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