16th of May, 2016 (Monday)

Page 385

Sam only had two pictures of Charlie to choose from.

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16th of May, 2016 (Monday)
I can't see the page for some reason:(
this page isn't loading for me :/
Mr. Jones
This is definitely not where I thought this was going.
Me, not you
Sam only had two pictures of Charlie to choose from, so he chose neither :P
Kid Cthulhu
I can't see the comic either; I thought I was the only one.
Kid Cthulhu
Now it works and wow, I'm traumatized.
Minor website issue. Should be resolved now. Do a full refresh if it's still not working for you.
Ash 2.0
Ash 2.0
Oh and awesome detail on the clouds, btw!

Me, not you
Where is Doc Brown to shout at them and explain that none of this makes any sense Marty?
...please tell me my comment wasn't what gave you this idea.
oh, man, I hope it doesn't end like this . . .
Why you gotta break my heart, mate
The end.....?
Time Paradox anyone?
Oh god this is really happening.
I... I don't want him to be dead. There's been TWENTY chapters, and I just... I can't deal, I don't want Charlie to be dead. I don't.
OK am I the only one that is wondering - where are the police and other government officials asking all the questions? Like who is this kid that does not show up in any records? Why would somebody want him dead? What kind of gun is this?
The future guys gave Charlie a passport... are you sure it's fake and not real? It might be no big deal for those guys to insert new records into a computer, it depends on how big their organisation is and how many agents they have, and how many years they can cover with agents.
I'm trusting Tober to take the situation someplace better. It would be rather a bummer if we just got "The End" as the next update, but I'm sure that's not going to happen.
Matthew Bernal
I kinda wish it wouldn't load. This is so heartbreaking, I can't imagine how Ash is dealing with this.
We already had time travel, so... Vampire or zombie?
Hunter Rose
Is anyone going to ask how it is that Sam is alive if his younger self was killed?
This is making me feel like a sad panda :(
@Cari Great Scott! They've upset the entire time-state continuum! Sam better fix this one fast before the very fabrics of the universe begin to unravel!
@Hunter Rose
If you look at the letter from the beginning of this series, Charlie is from a different timeline, where he would already be dead. Charlie isn't just a younger Sam, he's a DIFFERENT Sam
... :( ...
That is all.
Well, this is depressing, and not what I expected.
Dang Tober. That grief stricken pose holy snot. You've developed so much since the start of this! Also I'm not crying your crying fight me.
Well he has a while before the paradox crash whipes his exsistence
Doubleyew Tee Eff.
This plot twist is really not making any sense to me at all. Hopefully we learn new useful details about this in the next few pages.
Six fingers tho!... Alien timeline?
See... this is sad to me, because probably the kid I liked to read about is dead... and the other kid I liked to read about is almost certainly back at home (hey, they kidnapped you and your friend is dead (under super suspicious circumstances) and the police showed up... yeah, you're on your way home).
The only remedy I can see for this is "We took advantage of his near-death to throw the time-assassins off the trail by holding a fake funeral, but really he's alive (and we cut his hair)".
...but even that is stretching it.
...and Ash would still be sent home.
Deof Movestofca
Maybe this is all a trick to make the chrono-assassins think he's dead? At least that's what I'm hoping.
Well, there goes my 2016
Dani Atlanta
I'm betting that Eos will have a major role in resolving this mess. There is definitely more to her than meets the eye.
How is he still there when his younger self was killed?
@MJB, Hunter Rose, Drew, and everyone else having trouble understanding the paradox:
Take a look back at page 72.
To rephrase what Maple said, it is clearly established that Charlie's mere presence is already a paradox. We don't know how, but we can safely theorize from it that Charlie and Sam are not causally linked. That is, the events that effect one of them don't effect the other. It is therefore totally expected that Charlie can die with no effect at all on Sam.
@Dani Atlanta:
I'm so excited! I always love having competent antagonists in a story, and the weird time guy actually followed through on his threat and killed Charlie! It gives a strange depth to his character that he was being totally honest when he said he preferred Charlie alive but didn't need him that way. Very mysterious what purpose he was working towards. I can't wait to see what comes next!
17th of May, 2016 (Tuesday)
Did Eos kill the time assassin?
Has anyone considered the possibility that the shooter was actually a twisted version of Charlie?...or am I the only one to think there's a resemblance?
As for paradoxes...really? The kid got sent to the "future" to live with his adult self (who personally has no such memories), and your wondering why his older self is still alive? His older self should have disappeared the moment he arrived in the future.
Lastly, whoever said that time was purely linear? Why can't there be parallel dimensions of time...call it volumetric time.
So scenario: Charlie is abducted from time-line 'A' and delivered to Charlie in time-line 'B' while being chased by the (Charlie?)assassin from timeline 'C'. Charlie-C could easily kill Charlie-A without temporally affecting Charlie-B because they are not from the same time-line.
I mean, this probably isn't the best time but... Wow, crying over your own dead self, Sam. Ain't that a tad narcissistic:P Okay, I'm sorry.
Some Physicist Guy
@memBrain: I had the same thought a while back, it makes sense in a twisted, many-worlds, time travel, sort of way.
Um... How many pages left? It can't be many.
18th of May, 2016 (Wednesday)
@Faust that very much depends on whether Charlie will stay dead or Sam will decide to use the watch (anyone remember the watch?) to go back and save Charlie. I'm going for BTTF timeline here - changes have a ripple effect that's not instantaneouly propagated. That is, if Sam doesn't do something fast, he'll vanish.
My money is on the watch though. It was shown in the very first pages and then never mentioned again - a veritable Chekhov's gun, if you ask me.
@Some Physicist Guy: Then you can appreciate the infinite timelines theory where every decision we make splits into separate timelines for every possible choice.
Which brings us back to the watch. His "Charlie" died. Going back to save him cannot prevent it from happening. What it does is split the timeline between Charlie being saved and Charlie dying. It's the reverse of Schroedinger's cat. All possibilities exist simultaneously. Only at observation do we know which...except that through time travel we can observe more than one outcome.
16th of July, 2016 (Saturday)
Magic Trees

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