18th of May, 2016 (Wednesday)

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Ash wasn't allowed to go to the funeral.

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18th of May, 2016 (Wednesday)
Me, not you
Ash.... :(
Kid Cthulhu
Tober, are you purposely twisting the knife here?
I mean, damn...
le commenter
'tis the end ;_;
But.... but why
On the bright side: we finally get to see Ash's parents?
Is it just me or do Ash's parents look suspiciously like Kate and Johnny?
I just got up to date on this comic
In other news, whAT THE ACTUAL FUCK
Mr. Jones
This whole thing reminds me of a bayonet designed to create a hole in a person that can't be closed without a team of surgeons and a great deal of luck. You have captured all my feels.
I swear, if this is the end of the comic I will have an honest to god, frothing at the mouth stroke... pull some deus ex machina, an absurd plot device, something!
ouch.... got me right in the feels...
Parents: "Wait Samantha was a guy?"
D: Nooo, too sad!
Ol Vox
The main character died in a webcomic based around time travel! If only there was some way a character could travel through time in order to rectify such a situation!
I think too many people in the comments are working with the assumption that Charlie is the main character. Sure, he was very prominent in the inciting incident, but he's more like Mami from PMMM. Appearing like the hero, but existing only for the sake of the first big twist.
Interestingly, that story had time travel as well. And no, it wasn't used to save her.
Dani Atlanta
Well, you've really got me, Tober! With every update, I've been anxious for the next one. My anticipation has now reached an almost unbearable intensity.
Damn good comic writing!!!
I've just said it in the previous page, and I'll say it again. The watch has not come into play yet.
My money is on the watch. Sam goes back in time to save Charlie. And possibly confront Rothwell as well.
@SlugFiller Maybe, but there's no way they won't try to go back and save him. In fact, I don't see where the story could go if they didn't. The time travelling younger self is killed, no answers are found, normal life continues? Nah. Time travel will come up again, and the obvious reason for it now is rescuing Charlie. They may fail, but they're probably gonna try, at least.
Wow... just... poor, poor Ash. Finally found one decent friend, kidnapped into the road-trip from hell, lost her one and only friend. That's like, even worse than *my* life.
Deof Movestofca
Why is there a box (and apparently no mattress) on top of the bunk bed? And has Tober ever mentioned whether or not Ash is an only child? And why does the shadow of the ladder apparently have a missing rung? And will we find out the answers to these and other questions next week same bat time, same bat channel?
Opus the Poet
Deof, Ash has an older brother, seen onscreen even from a couple or three pages near the beginning of the comic, I think before the soccer game.
@SlugFiller: Ah, but Charlie IS the main character...but which one? Charlie elder still has the watch...assuming the assassin didn't take it. Also assuming that the assassin isn't another version of Charlie...ah, the choices we make! So, assuming Charlie the elder has the watch, and given he is tech savvy, it is not unreasonable to assume that he will figure out the nature of the watch, and the real story begins.
Matthew Bernal
Why wasn't she allowed to go to the funeral?
Yeah.. Why?
19th of May, 2016 (Thursday)
a sad, sad potato
Tober why you do this man ;-;
Sure take all my feels not like I needed them or anything
Ore Another Or
You did say it would be finished by the time it came about to the true time, right? Right? WELL, IT'S NOT 2017 YET!!!!!! GIVE ME THE TIME BACK!!
1st of June, 2016 (Wednesday)
After Ash's intense grief fades to a dull throb what does she do next, knowing almost as much as anyone here? I've got to think that grief could transform to fanatical commitment to action - if not to save Charlie, at least to get revenge.
(Consider that she has also recently been immersed in both Back to the Future and Terminator both of which are time travel movies.)
23rd of May, 2018 (Wednesday)
Alien Hunter
OK, it's May, 2018, and I'm reading this from the beginning again. this is about where I lost track of the storyline and started getting confused.

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