Monday, 27th of October, 2014

Page 133

Wednesday, 29th of October, 2014

Page 134

Charlie was hoping Sam would forget about it.

Comments should now support newlines instead of just ignoring them.

Friday, 31st of October, 2014

Page 135

Ash noticed Charlie's shirt but decided not to mention it.

Monday, 3rd of November, 2014

Page 136

Silly Ash, it's because boys have cooties.

Wednesday, 5th of November, 2014

Page 137

There's usually more than 2 people on the last day of school, I just got sick of drawing their classmates.

Friday, 7th of November, 2014

Page 138

If the teacher wasn't so late, he could have got a tv and they could have watched a movie or something.

Monday, 10th of November, 2014

Page 139

Something to do with gardening, he suspects.

Wednesday, 12th of November, 2014

Page 140

"Can I have your... uh.... Aw you don't have anything good"

If you actually want to read what the card says, the pdf is here. For fairness, here is Ash's.

Friday, 14th of November, 2014

Page 141

Charlie wrote "I don't know" and scored 0. At least Ash got marks for trying.

I thought of a better ending to this page so I changed it. I love publishing on the internet.

Monday, 17th of November, 2014

Page 142

Smacking him when you're already gonna kill him seems a bit overkill.

Wednesday, 19th of November, 2014

Page 143


Friday, 21st of November, 2014

Page 144

That's a terrible suggestion, Sam.

Monday, 24th of November, 2014

Page 145

Are you sure you're not confusing cool with weird and embarrassing?

Wednesday, 26th of November, 2014

Page 146

It totally does.

Friday, 28th of November, 2014

Page 147

Sam aims to be a very supportive parent from 9am-9pm (25% surcharge on public holidays).

Monday, 1st of December, 2014

Page 148

Blood Splattered Socks has now been running for a whole year without hesitation, repetition or deviation.

Well, maybe a little deviation.

Wednesday, 3rd of December, 2014

Page 149

Charlie's actual dad would have smacked him for getting a D, then grounded him, then ground him into a fine powder, then grounded the powder.

Friday, 5th of December, 2014

Page 150

Charlie only wants to look like he's being punished, not actually get punished.