14th of November, 2014 (Friday)

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Charlie wrote "I don't know" and scored 0. At least Ash got marks for trying.

I thought of a better ending to this page so I changed it. I love publishing on the internet.

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14th of November, 2014 (Friday)
"why is milk white." they're taking on life's greatest mysteries!
The correct answer is calcium.
But why is calcium white?
Because it reflects all the colors
"I don't know" is a very valid answer (it's the name of their national animal afterall :P)
Opus the Poet
Milk is white because it is a colloidial suspension of fat globules in water that scatters light at all wavelengths equally. The sky is blue because its molecules scatter mostly blue light.
Deof Movestofca
So purple cows would give grape-flavored milk?
15th of November, 2014 (Saturday)
Well, the great mystery is solved. Cows color and their patchyness tells what milk they make. Case officially closed!
@ Optimus the Poet: I heard the sky was blue because air was slightly tinted blue.
Honest joe
Cows are black and white. Just look at them, it's in their genetics. Obviously what they produce will have the same genetics and who would want black milk? So the surviving cows genetics is the white milk producing cows. :-P
Heh. Beats Yotsuba's answer: "White milk from white cows, chocolate milk from brown cows, strawberry milk from cows' blood." ^^; Little kids...
16th of November, 2014 (Sunday)
What did they do after this moment, did they leave it there or drink it? Maybe poured it down the sink?
Isn't this a time travel comic? I mean, I know you should take your time with pacing and such, but it's sort of been eight chapters and we have been no where near an answer to the original question, who is the guy at the beginning.
It's not so bad to be on a more relaxed ride to that answer, and slice-of-life stories are enjoyable in their own way. ^^
I've got a feeling that once we start to find out what's really going on, we'll miss this gentler pace. A lot.
Yeah I think it's kinda cool just to just chill when so many other webcomics immediately jump into action and death and confusing time mechanics that make nearly everyone's head hurt.
17th of November, 2014 (Monday)
When I figure out an artist approved ending for It's About Time (working title) that doesn't involve torture, insanity, or the Holocaust, I will show you all. ALL! Including Lieberenz! Especially Lieberenz!
"Grrl Power" has been on it's first day for the last 4 years, "The Mansion of E" ended it's Day That Changes Everything after nearly 4500 updates
28th of April, 2015 (Tuesday)
Moose Breath
+Guesticus, I had heard that the national animal is "I have no idea." Or something like that.

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