Monday, 8th of September, 2014

Page 112

Wednesday, 10th of September, 2014

Page 113

Sam thought about getting Charlie a jacket, but the beanie was cheaper.

Friday, 12th of September, 2014

Page 114

This isn't a new style for Ash's hair, by the way. It just looks like that when it's wet.

Monday, 15th of September, 2014

Page 115

Shouldn't lean on your chair, Ash. Your face might get stuck like that. Or something.

Wednesday, 17th of September, 2014

Page 116

Ashley Wednesday? You're asking the wrong question here, Charlie.

Friday, 19th of September, 2014

Page 117

Monday, 22nd of September, 2014

Page 118

Wednesday, 24th of September, 2014

Page 119

"Especially if it involves me or anything related to me, but also just in general."

Friday, 26th of September, 2014

Page 120

He's still kinda sore.

Monday, 29th of September, 2014

Page 121

Haha. Comic misunderstanding pertaining to genders. This is shakespeare, this is.

Wednesday, 1st of October, 2014

Page 122

Friday, 3rd of October, 2014

Page 123

You can tell by the heavenly trumpets that herald her arrival.

Monday, 6th of October, 2014

Page 124

Charlie suddenly felt his hat was a bit dorky for reasons completely unrelated to Eos.

Wednesday, 8th of October, 2014

Page 125

You know if you'd kept your hat on that probably wouldn't have hurt as much.

Friday, 10th of October, 2014

Page 126

Did anyone see where she pulled that bandaid from? She doesn't have any pockets...

Monday, 13th of October, 2014

Page 127

Ash is just jealous that she doesn't have a really cool bandaid.

Wednesday, 15th of October, 2014

Page 128

Ayup, bandaid jealousy strikes again somehow.

Friday, 17th of October, 2014

Page 129

Sam would have also accepted "Your royal highness, ruler of the world, who guides us justly and benevolently and can in no way be construed as a tyrant"

Monday, 20th of October, 2014

Page 130

Charlie wondered why the shirt was so long.

Wednesday, 22nd of October, 2014

Page 131

Oh yeah, that thing.

Friday, 24th of October, 2014

Page 132

It's probably a perfectly innocent reason.