29th of October, 2014 (Wednesday)

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Charlie was hoping Sam would forget about it.

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29th of October, 2014 (Wednesday)
Travelling Man, The
I just finished reading through this, keep up the good work! (Also, do y'all actually say Maths?)
You trying out some new art techniques Tober? Lookin' sharp!
@Travelling Man, The
We (Australians) do! It's short for "Mathematics", because there isn't just a single "Mathematic". It's the the collection of the concepts, not something in and of itself.
Still don't know why it's called Blood Spattered Socks, but I like it.
I'm new to your comic and really enjoying it. *bookmarked* Looking forward to seeing where you take this. Unfamiliar with Australian schools, so "Last day of school", but isn't this just the end of 3rd term/quarter/whatever? Isn't there a 4th? Do Charlie and Ash get a short break, then right back to school?
@Willomo, I decided I needed to add this page about 3 months after I drew all the other ones in this chapter, so that's why it looks so not-bad.
@Silverback, yes, there's a 2 week break and then they start the final term for the year. I only called it last day of school on the chapter title because I was worried maybe Americans don't use the word 'term' in this way.
Travelling Man, The
Being an ignorant American myself, I'd rather have to figure out the Australian usage rather than have you try to figure out the American usage.
I think I might wait.
30th of October, 2014 (Thursday)
-_- we have terms
Digging the art style...
Loving the comic already. Excited to see where the story goes!
3rd of November, 2014 (Monday)
Thought Americans had 'semesters'
Yes, American schools have the school year divided into (usually) two semesters, with winter (Christmas) break in between them at the end of December. In grade school (usually up to the fifth or sixth year, depending on the school district), they often mark the passage of half a semester by calling it a "quarter," although there's usually not a break in between (except maybe Spring Break). However, they usually stop referring to quarters by the time you get to high school (grades 9-12) and speak only of semesters as a whole, with mid-term exams arriving by late high school or college/university.

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