10th of November, 2014 (Monday)

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Something to do with gardening, he suspects.

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10th of November, 2014 (Monday)
There is a hole in your story, assuming that the descriptions are canon: If he, the boy, suspects that sysadminning is related to gardening, then that would mean that he wouldn't understand its relation to computers. However, he obviously relates it to computers, as he drew one in the picture representing sysadmins!
@Yochanan The description from what I can tell is just a small joke at the expense of the story, humour you cant really put in the comic because it wouldn't work with the plot. sometimes stuff we can poke fun at and make our own jokes along with him in the comments, its not canon its just funny.
I never asked for this.
Is that a Tom boy or a sex change reference, Re knight?
It's realy the "oh, right" that needs explained.
His opinion of the answer.
I'm not sure Charlie knows what a sex change is yet.
A Lady Knight is _still_ a Knight, in the original sense, none of this modern crap: "Oh, you helped a hundred old ladies across the street? You shall be dubbed 'Sir Boi Scott'"
Charlie should have added, at the end "... but it has something to do with computers."
11th of November, 2014 (Tuesday)
Make one where Charlie introduces Ash to Pokemon!
Eirika R.
Ello! I found this comic via an add on Questionable Content. I saw an earlier one ~pg 127, but at the time I looked trough it and thought "Eh... nah."
I regret that quick and poorly made decision.
I found it again to day, and finally bothered to look at the "about" page, found the concept interesting, then within the last few hours, fell in love with this thang. The art has been slowly but noticeably advancing (reminds me of the path QC also took), the story contains a great plot and characters, and holy moly you're making me monologue like an actual critic then some random web comic... seeker... person. :-P
I'm not saying I expect this to become the greatest web comic that Dino Jesus Himself graced the undeserving internet, but... um. Keep on keepin' on, I guess? XD
Also, have you ever considered getting a Disqus commenting system?
12th of November, 2014 (Wednesday)
Thanks, Eirika!
I've looked into Disqus, but it doesn't seem to be something I need for the time being. My homespun comment system still works.
19th of November, 2014 (Wednesday)
Don't switch to Disqus

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