23rd of November, 2017 (Thursday)

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23rd of November, 2017 (Thursday)
Oh. OH!!!
... daaamn...
Kid Cthulhu
Click click THOOM!
The first kill is always the hardest.
Is that supposed to be an Eva reference? Although, honestly, I can't imagine what motivation the masked people have, if they believe it's the end.
Oh no! Dan just grew a wicked fro!
People deliberately trying to end the world and the human race?...
OK lots of information about the virus from this page.
It's airborne and infects through the lungs or upper respiratory system, maybe the eyes.
It doesn't penetrate the skin and can be washed off because they aren't wearing gloves.
It has to enter via the preferred method of infection and can't get into the bloodstream directly otherwise they would be much more careful about blood spatter and covering open wounds.
24th of November, 2017 (Friday)
@Opus the hand of the masked man is either gloved or he has pale skin as well. Could be different factions of survivors each with a different goal, considering the capability of time travel.
@BvMonk Too much detail in the finger nails for him/her to be wearing gloves, particularly the thumb. The slope from the point of knuckle to the nailbed would be tented over.
Must be nearly a contact shot, since there's no trace of an entry wound in frame 4 but we (and the other hostile on the left) can clearly see the back of the head disintegrating. In through the belly button and out through the back of the head - damn!
No, the muzzle is clearly pointed at the underside of the jaw. Still a clean headshot.
@Opus, you may be right. I was seeing that as the front opening of the cape but it could well be the barrel of the weapon. But, again, no visible entry wound.
We still don't know, though, what it shoots. Might it be an energy weapon that only makes exit wounds when it THOOMs?
26th of November, 2017 (Sunday)
Sister Grif
@Opus nah man, they're wearing all sorts of coverage, it's only the kid who isn't. They have gloves and full body suits and cover even their eyes. If it was airborne I doubt it would destroy the world since everyone would just wear breathing masks

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