20th of November, 2017 (Monday)

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20th of November, 2017 (Monday)
Kid Cthulhu
So are the masked guys a different faction? Like maybe they fear the infected ones and hunt them down a la "I Am Legend*"?
(*the amazing Richard Matheson novella, not the awful Will Smith film)
That's awful close to where Rothwell got Eos. http://www.bloodsplatteredsocks.com/archive/384
I'm not sure who's who, but it's certainly getting interesting.
21st of November, 2017 (Tuesday)
Is a page missing? That is not how you do transitions
@SlugFiller I think you're right. New characters, new togs for young Rothwell, the victim (the female tech?) is wearing a similar cape to Rothwell's. Some things are missing.
Are you okay, Tober?
22nd of November, 2017 (Wednesday)
Keith extimelord
I could tell you guys, but "spoilers" :) Funny thing about life, I died before I was born.
Tober is amazing, and if he does abrupt transitions usually they are designed to convey a meaning that will become clearer later.
The two guys could be from a different timeline: they are wearing masks as if they did not want to be contaminated by the virus, but in that timeline *everybody* has been already contaminated, because they did not realize it had been released until too late.
Note that Rothwell has already been in 3 timelines: his own, the one where he kills Charlie and this triggers EOS to build MEMNON, and the one where Sam lives and Charlie has been pulled into it and meets Ash and is saved by Emi from the second attempt by Rothwell. Who then realizes that killing Charlie is not the solution.
also I have checked and in pager 513 the two people who are training Rothwell said "we got one", similar to "found one" here.

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