27th of November, 2017 (Monday)

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27th of November, 2017 (Monday)
Young Master Rothwell is getting the hang of this homicide stuff. Tober, ya gotta fill us in on what happened between #518 and #519.
Pretty sure that the survivors' hideout was infiltrated by agents of some sort who want to kill the immune. Rothwell started training to kill Charlie by this point, and therefore uses it to save himself from said agents.
It's a narrative technique- you jump ahead and people can assume the intervening events.
I'm assuming the canister masked agents are also immune or at least in-affected at the moment based on the masks. I think they were purging carriers.
Un-infected ...
What if the next panel the boy pushes the older infected guy into the time machine with the gun and it turns out that Rothwell is the older infected guy? :-)
28th of November, 2017 (Tuesday)
Maybe it's the artstyle, but the older guy reminds me of Sam.
I was thinking the same thing about Charlie and young Rothwell, SlugFiller. Probably it's just from being drawn by the same hand, but there's no telling what Tober has in mind for us.

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