6th of April, 2017 (Thursday)

Page 454

Chapter 24: Wait, particles take how long to render?

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6th of April, 2017 (Thursday)
Opus the Poet
Oohh, I like the beach.
Serious question, how long did it take to render?
Beautiful page today!
Nice work, Tober!
Sister Grif
Thats one sexy breach
Brent O'Gara
As a Blender/Luxrender user, not only do particles take *literally eternity* to render, they take even longer to simulate in the first place! Beautiful work, truly serene and wonderful... can I go there now?
7th of April, 2017 (Friday)
Looks like a New England beach.
8th of April, 2017 (Saturday)
15th of April, 2017 (Saturday)
mandatory BEACH EPISODE!

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