3rd of April, 2017 (Monday)

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"Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 am Eastern time, August 29th. It goes night-night at 2:15 am, and nothing especially bad happens."

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3rd of April, 2017 (Monday)
Kid Cthulhu
Tober, that new software is working wonders for you. The backgrounds really compliment how you draw the characters. Color me impressed.
Opus the Poet
Robots sleeping in cars happens to people all the time, Sam.
No seat belts? Shame on you, Sam. Cool 3D models!
Who is driving? Sam is in right seat and his hands are by his sides.
@Dad Sam is driving on the left side of the road as is normal for Australia where we are set, so the driver should be on the right hand side as shown. He is parked so he no longer needs to have his hands on the wheel. The universal lack of seat belts, on the other hand, demonstrates that Sam is really not responsible enough to be supervising three young people - but he didn't exactly ask for the job, did he?
4th of April, 2017 (Tuesday)
Sam should at least put the seatbelt on the robot. She's sitting in the middle, and if she goes flying forward, she's heavy enough that she'll break right through the windshield and possibly the asphalt on the road.
Funtastic Squirrel
That sign xD
Opus the Poet
@Funtastic Squirrel http://myacereporter.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/middleofnowhere.jpg
5th of April, 2017 (Wednesday)
A robot and a time traveller...
Those backgrounds are great, Tober, and I love the children sleeping, they look so natural.

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