10th of April, 2017 (Monday)

Page 455

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10th of April, 2017 (Monday)
Oh yeah, Emi has never seen the sun before... The robot has a lot to learn after waking up (booting up? I hear the Mac boot sound when she opens her eyes).
Such a tender moment.
Alien Hunter
Hey, what happened to the dots (diamonds?) on the bedspread?
@Alien Hunter If she dragged it with her when she came this side of the bed, and folded it above her, it's probably the other side up now.
Emi, meet the sun, Sun, meet Emi. It's a great day!
The story is interesting, the drawing is good, and little details like this are quite nice. Great work!
11th of April, 2017 (Tuesday)
Kid Cthulhu
I -love- that fourth panel. Extreme close up Emi!
The lighting on this page is so gentle. I love emi's eys.
12th of April, 2017 (Wednesday)
What's happening is a GIANT BALL OF NUCLEAR FIRE climbing through the sky.

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