4th of December, 2015 (Friday)

Page 315

It took them ages to find a working alarm clock at 2am.

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4th of December, 2015 (Friday)
Ohhhhhh Kay... I'm confused???
NM that's Kate, I get it now
First thought: Great not only has he time traveled but now Charlie has rapidly aged to Sam's age.
Second thought: Oh that's Kate, poor Charlie I guess he really looks THAT MUCH like a girl.
Third thought: What a great way to show a character trying to talk while laughing, I love it!
Someone looks like the grudge and will be holding a grudge. :^)
Kate looks pregnant in the last panel...
Cthulhu's Mustache
I thought it was Charlie, too, but #1 too tall, #2 no split lip. I got confused where all the hair came from.
Phlatus the Elder
Well, they are brother and sister.
Such a striking family resemblance when Kate has her hair down... ^_^
Kid Cthulhu
So it wasn't the coffee cup screaming after all...
thing 1
yeah, that's the problem when all your characters look the same.
And a battery-powered one at that.
Blarghle, that perspective is to be blamed on the too-large-but-comfortable shirt. A perfect clothing to sleep in.

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