2nd of December, 2015 (Wednesday)

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"Your birthday suit only has the one wrinkle in it..."

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2nd of December, 2015 (Wednesday)
Her halo can be interrupted if she gets distracted???
It's she wizard? Or maybe Dragon?... or a chrono Dragon wizard?!
Kid Cthulhu
Is her coffee/tea mug screaming?
@Kid Cthulhu: Sam's mother learning he has a son? Or just seing Charlie maybe?
Um your birthday suit has a stupid amount of wrinkles in it and here are the ones i can think of (without getting gross) off the top of my head. Fingerprints, finger joints, palms, knuckles, wrist joints, arm joints, pretty much all joints, eyelids, mouth, certain people have them on random parts of the face, toes, foot prints(the same as finger prints), and probably alot more. (\ .,. /)
Le commenter
Oh dear... it's going down, I hope Ash is fine ._.
I like how theres screaming, and yet Eos is COMPLETELY unaffected. Not even an eyebrow is raised.
Love the comment about the coffee mug screaming! Also Clarison's extremely complete analysis of body wrinkles! Great comments on this web comic.
He may have turned a page and seen a picture of himself slightly older. Or his parents/grandparents walked in and saw him. Or for some reason Ash did a thing.
The twist is that Eos is drinking the souls of the damned.
What is Ash's full name?
Opus the Poet
According to this http://www.bloodsplatteredsocks.com/archivewide/116 it's Ashley Elliot Wednesday.
3rd of December, 2015 (Thursday)
Ash's full name is Ashley I think
He, look, I think the little guy might have just had a "hide it with a book moment".
Eos is flirting. ;o
So her name is 'Ash Wednesday'? Hmm, that's an interestingly 'religious' name... :)
I think the screaming is Charlie running away screaming at the top of his lungs.
@vyktorya Not Sam?
5th of December, 2015 (Saturday)
It's less that Eos has a halo, more of an aurora.

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