30th of March, 2017 (Thursday)

Page 452

"Actually, make it a round hour"

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30th of March, 2017 (Thursday)
Just re-read the whole comic in its entirety because I couldn't remember reference to Delilah. I'm so glad for how far this has come, and how well it's done. I'm proud to be supporting you on Patreon, Tober.
So much for the risks of a hot shower. Charlie's used up all the hot water (unless the hotel has point of use water heaters, in which case the manager's going to be wondering where all the propane is going).
The water effects on this page are AWESOME! I love it!!
I really love the hair streaming down Charlie's face in that last panel. The art style has really changed so much!
31st of March, 2017 (Friday)
The Frog Master
@Pappy I know right? The characters have pupils and everything!
Sleeping in the shower is not on my list of safe activities. It would have really sucked to have another funeral scene for Charlie because he drowned in the shower...

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