22nd of June, 2016 (Wednesday)

Page 400

Page 400 is up now.

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22nd of June, 2016 (Wednesday)
Me, not you
I don't see a comic, just a blue box housing a question mark
Not me
Same here... Something is supposed to be there but the file isn't loading / being shown
Probably Me
Doesn't seem to be a comic, but it ain't loading.
Obviously me
Tober, I swear to Eos, fix dis comic, I love this to death.
The Almighty Me
Maybe it's intentional? Kinda like a "404 error: World not found"?
Well, it's only Tuesday, so this should be tomorrow's comic. It'll probably work in a few hours.
Is it just me
@you . Depends on the time zone
The other me
Its an error ,it might be intentional but im suprised that there isnt an authors comment from tober if its intentional.
Not me, doe.
Maybe, just maybe, this is the end of the comic, and this is the last 'strip', as the past comic's events led us to the first all over again.
I see a broken-file icon, which on my machine looks like a piece of paper torn in half, not "a blue box housing a question mark" that someone else mentioned.
When I right-click on it and select "View Image" I get the following message:
The image "http://bloodsplatteredsocks.com/pages/400.jpg" cannot be displayed because it contains errors.
(I'm assuming it's a corrupted file.)
With respect to the broken page:
"Page 400
There will be no page today due to illness. Sorry guys. "
...seems pretty self explanatory to me...
Mr. Jones
Despite the apology, my internal Watsonian sees this as intentional; a 404, if you will.
Feel better soon!
Still not me
Feel better soon... Honestly, not just because we want more of this comic :)
Mem Brain - authors note was added later after most of the comments were posted.
Me, not you
Tober hadn't put up his commentary at the time the page came out.
Just as L said, feel better Tober!
Me, not you
...and like @still not me said.
Sorry, guess we posted at the same time d:
Feel better man, your comic and you are just that popular
Deof Movestofca
Maybe Tober should do this again seeing how many comments it generated.
No, wait... I didn't suggest that.
Shoulda waited a few days to be sick and done this on page 404... Oh the sweet irony!
Im a little...
Better than a 418
Kid Cthulhu
Take it easy, Tober. We'll all be here when you get back.
23rd of June, 2016 (Thursday)
@Tober Rest up, hope you feel better soon! Don't push it.
Rest up and get well. Thanks for making the comic.
Hope you feel better soon.
Meoi Lass
(get well soon!)
Fantastic!! Thanks for posting it. May you recover 100%.
24th of June, 2016 (Friday)
Go to sleep or drink soup or something... Wish you a fast recovery.
A Sit Rep is more appreciated than you trying to force out pages.
If you need time, take it and say there will be a missed update.
I'm done with it. I've been here since day one and am curious where this goes, but it seems to have lost the story arc. Might check in sometime in the future but I won't be a regular anymore.
Amazing Thing
Well that wasn't nice. Personally I am enjoying the suspense. Some people just want instant gratification I guess. That's alright sometimes but it really misses the point of a comic that gets updated 3 times a week. Get well at yoyr own speed Tober.
Hope you're really well again, Tober. Take your time and take a break when you need it.
Is Mem a memory?
Sorry, still not up.
Eos, the Titan, was the mother of Memnon, her son by Tithonus. This story is not following the Titanic one, as Memnon killed Antilochus, and then Achilles killed Memnon at Troy. But just saying... Mem was the son of Eos...
I think you're on the right track, Chris.
So, Charlie is Antilochus? And therefore Charlies' descendants end up getting expelled from Messenia by Hercules?
This page looks like a manga page. AWESOME.
@ninjary truth
Some Physicist Guy
I still only see the error, no page...
Some Physicist Guy, You may need to fully refresh the page if your browser has cached the not-working one. Pressing ctrl+f5 usually does it.
Opus the Poet
Is this the second death we have seen in the comic? Or the second and third?
Kid Cthulhu
Thanks for the tip, Tober! I kept getting a broken link. It's an amazing page!
25th of June, 2016 (Saturday)
i get the greek mythology bit, but isn't this all happening in a dream state for crippled Eos, or is this real? i'm confused.
i am so done. i leave after charlie died, thinking that would be it. a month later i come back to *this* what even i am so done
26th of June, 2016 (Sunday)
Gray Hairstreak
The comic is still not up as of June 25.
Hey, a thought just occurred... Eos was wearing VR equip at the time of
this last incident. Sooo... she may be okay yet. She was injured in a virtual world not the real world. At worse she's back where she started from.
17th of June, 2017 (Saturday)
zing pow
(idk sorry i had to im bored pls forgive)

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