20th of June, 2016 (Monday)

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If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky... No, better make it 999 suns. Don't want to sound too dramatic.

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20th of June, 2016 (Monday)
Nooooo!! Now who am I supposed to ship Sam with?? :O
This used to be a comedy, right?
oh dear lord
Kid Cthulhu
"Maybe if I guilt him enough in the Eos-trix now, he won't shoot me & Charlie when he travels to the past..."
Curiouser and curiouser...
@mra What if it's supposed to be a comedy still but none of us gets the joke?
Well, it is called "Blood splattered socks" so there is a suggestion of some dark time, don't you think?
@geo2 I personally chalked the name up to the apparent protagonists all having had bloody foot injuries at some point and didn't think about it again.
@Vol0v IT'S CLEAR NOW! He was luring us into a false sense of security! This tragedy was planned all along!
okay, I've been gone for a month and JUST WHAT THE ABSOLUTE HELL IS GOING ON!!!
This is why you don't do acid while operating virtual reality equipment
Ol Vox
Folks, remember the murderer was rather vague about his own travel. He stated he was like an observer. He was probably witnessing and manipulating time the same way Eos is now. Eos can die, because her actions will prevent such a thing from occurring.
Amazing Thing
Mooooooore Thooooooom!!!!
I feel like the last several comics have huge gaps in them. Not that I don't appreciate a good mystery now and then
cheesh sus
@mia i agree, and hope that the next page will start putting all the pieces together at last
Deof Movestofca
@Amazing Thing: so would you give this comic two thooooms up?
@ninjary: You are a genius. What if that’s exactly what’s going on? It’s advanced comedy, and is supposed to be hilarious, but none of us are getting the jokes.
I *think* I've put it mostly together now. I believe, it's kind of all one big time loop, with a large section, and a small(er) one. Everything we saw in the first set of chapters, mostly happened within the time span of this last chapter. Now, the pale one has to grow up. The two "thooms" are actually one and the same, but viewed from different vantages.
Charlie got punted to a different time flow, and survived in it for about a month. It ended with him getting killed by the assassin, the assassin shot Eos, and Eos shot the Assassin "Thoom"... Then Eos builds the machine, raises the assassin until the same "Thoom" when older version of the assassin is killed and Eos is shot, and voila' we have this page. The key is that both "Thoom's" are the same shot.... Or I got drunk on Father's Day and am completely wrong.
21st of June, 2016 (Tuesday)
While there are some graphically awesome moments in this new sequence, I have to say, I could have really enjoyed watching Charlie and Ash figure out their sexualities (was Ash transgender? are they both gay? or just at that strangely sweet teenage awkward phase?) instead of seeing everyone blown away.... soon there will be no characters left!
I miss the light hearted comedy speckled with drama. Now it's just dark, depressing stuff sprinkled with more dark and depressing stuff.
Maxx Y
For a brief moment I miss read the first two panels to be him suplexing her.
Oh, I get it!
Some Physicist Guy
@Mako / @ninjary
I don't think it's a comedy anymore, or ever was. It was originally listed as a "Slice of life - sort of." although I see that has changed to slice of life with sci-fi time travel. But yeah, Slice of Life stories have to have happy/funny parts to make the drama more dramatic and have meaning because we're attached and relate to the characters now.
Also, I'm one of the few who actually found Chekhov's comedy the Cherry Orchard funny, I actually laughed at the end, the bitter irony was to great.
Point being, I'm not laughing now.
@Chris I like the theory, like hearing two blasts, one above water and one below, but in time... sort of...
Uhm. . .Hi?
I love the author's notes on almost every page, WTH.
24th of June, 2016 (Friday)
@maxx y omg you just brightened my day- best panel misread ever.

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