18th of March, 2016 (Friday)

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It's a little bit cause she's a girl, but Charlie would never admit it to her face.

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18th of March, 2016 (Friday)
"Why didn't you tell me this five seconds ago?"
"Because friendship...and I totally forgot."
Kid Cthulhu
These two really are great. Gonna be a shame when the Chrono-Assassin kidnaps them.
This brings us the chapter title page.
Oh, no. Don't do the joyride.
that kiwi guy
called it, now they spend the night in the car together!
That Guy
I still expect cuddles...
that kiwi guy
@That Guy I hope for cuddles...and assassin they should all cuddle.
The Queen of France
just as long as she isn't a Mercutio Foil, as that would require her being killed to advance his character / story.
That Guy
@that kiwi guy Plot twist: the assassin actually just grew up in a broken home and all he wants is cuddles, but just doesn't know how to ask for them.
Not That Guy
Who wants to bet that the Assassin is gonna show when they get in the car and so they are going to go for a drive?
Oh, well then.
Nobody knows where they are and they fall asleep. Adults panic, assume kidnapped and older him reveals all to the clone fanatic. The family search for them plus crono killer and accidentally abandon them... And his parents. Enter the killer.
20th of March, 2016 (Sunday)
It is not just because you are a girl -- but that is the prime motivation.
Miss Teddy
The assassin showed up like once and everyone is just dying to see him again. Why can't y'all just enjoy the fluff while it lasts? You know the more fluff now the more sad things that happen later....
@ the Queen of France no way Ash is a Mercutio foil. It's way too common and sexist to do that to female characters, plus this isn't that sort of comic. And they're CHILDREN!

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