16th of March, 2016 (Wednesday)

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Shouldn't have taken your jacket off, then.

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16th of March, 2016 (Wednesday)
That Guy
Last time she was cold, it ended with them sleeping in the same bed... I expect cuddles.
@That guy YES! We need all the cuddles, okay @Tober?
How many weddings has he been to?
@Faust Charlie's parents used to rent him out for weddings. He wore the lamb suit- he looked adorable.
that kiwi guy
give her your jacket!
Kid Cthulhu
He gives her his jacket, catches a cold, and we have Strawberry 2.0.
Chrono-Assassin just shakes his head...
that kiwi guy
if no jacket, then cuddles!
17th of March, 2016 (Thursday)
Bit of a silly thing to comment on, but I just realized that, of the dozens of webcomics I follow, this one has the least--if not none altogether--misspellings of them all. Seems like there's a comment pointing out misspelled words with almost every update on a lot of them, but never here. Guess I just want to say that I respect a person with a good elementary education. Nice work, Topher! (it must say something about Oz's schools. I think this is the only Australian comic I follow)
that kiwi guy
Wait, this is Australian?
If you only follow one Australian comic, it doesn't say much about Ozzie schools. It says a lot about Topher that he makes sure to proofread enough that no errors get through. I appreciate it!
I follow quite a few comics - some have occasional typos, but I tend to drop comics that typo frequently...
Opus the Poet
OK if you don't like comics with frequent typos and misspelled words then don't read Magical Misfits ( http://www.magicalmisfits.net/ ). Great storytelling but there are sometimes 3 or 4 typos per page. And if you are looking for more Aussie comics there is Magellan ( http://magellanverse.com/ ), and Living With Insanity ( http://www.livingwithinsanity.com/ ) And If I see this comment before Friday I'll be shocked...
18th of March, 2016 (Friday)
[Australian Comics] There's also the Hellenic noir detective story Valentine's Dei at http://valentinesdei.com/comic/ (though it's been in hiatus for quite a while now).
4th of April, 2016 (Monday)
Tober* not topher guys

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