4th of March, 2016 (Friday)

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To be fair, it doesn't look as if Sam knows what happens at one, either.

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4th of March, 2016 (Friday)
I guess cloning is easier to believe than time travel.
This is where I would just tell her: "Okay, you can believe me or not: I travelled forward in time. I'm Sam from the past."
He's in a box. There's just no lie left that will cover this, and really, what motivation does he have to lie to Eros anymore?
Besides, he can't be happy to have her angry at him. Nobody wants that!
Kid Cthulhu
Resourceful; I like that.
I'm also digging the monochromatic palettes used for the flashback panels.
I do believe this is the best portrayal of a bachelor party I've ever seen. If nothing else, it's now my favorite.
That Guy
Why did she think to save the DNA from when they first met?
kinda have to agree with mra on this. and why did the though "they look alike let me DNA test this kid and my 'friend*'". (*god I hope they are friends)
I want to know more specific details about how she got Sam's saliva lol
that kiwi guy
you are a clone!
A: so?
B:what's it to you?
C:what do you have against clones? you clonist!
D: you literally have nothing better to do then this? I feel sorry for you,
wait brain fart- is she interested cause she can't have children?
I kind of want to know why Eos was at a *bachelor* party.
Hmm. Eos is scarier than expected...
Isn't Eos Johnny's boss? Johnny works for a company that does genetic testing and he already did a gene comparison between Sam and Charlie back in the beginning of the story (page 67).
Aren't bachelor parties usually only the males... with any females being the umm.. entertainment?
Don't you folks remember the "bachelor... party"? It was Sam and Johnny and some kind of six-pack on the roof. Then in the morning when they woke up, Eos was there. And there was nakedness and censor-sheep.
We don't know exactly what happened or when Eos showed up. But if the men passed out she could easily have collected some drool from Sam.
BTW, what kind of beverage was that? We only saw one six-pack and yet the men (and possibly Eos) got really hammered. If they shared with Eos that's about two bottles each. What was it, Romulan Ale?
(I've heard that at some geeky conventions, "Romulan Ale" is simply pure alcohol with a few drops of blue food colouring added.)
24th of March, 2016 (Thursday)
Didn't you see the last episode? They looked pretty entertained.

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