7th of March, 2016 (Monday)

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Charlie used Run! It's super effective!

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7th of March, 2016 (Monday)
Hmmm... Maybe Charlie's buying into this clone theory. Just a little.
that kiwi guy
Ah why? I want to live my own life i dont care if im a clone and neither should you, go ask the older me.
Why is she so interested in it? Doesn't make sense unless she's a player in this game (or a creepy stalker).
@Dotcom she works at a testing facility, we do know they run DNA testing along with "other things"
Just saying if I was in that position and stumbled on possibly the world's first human clone I'd be curious too.
A geez Eos, you scared 'em off. You should know better than to say test to a kid. Kids are taught that tests are horrible things since grade school.
Speaking of knowing, I don't think Eos really thought all of this clone business through.
I don't think Charlie is buying in to the clone theory. He knows he is in a different year than he started out in.
@Dotcom Perhaps, due to her infertility, she's interested so she can have a clonekid of her own?
Charlie: You're wrong, I'm just Sam from an earlier manifestation. (That ought to throw Eos for a loop.)
That would fit.
As I've said before, Eos is turning out to be much scarier than she first seemed to be.
Eos said she can't have kids but wants one in an earlier strip. If Sam knows a place to get clones, this could be her loophole.
Inspector Hound
And if her infertility was something that could be fixed if caught early in life, she could have grand-kids via her clone.
Couldn't Eos just, you know, adopt? Even fertile people do that.
8th of March, 2016 (Tuesday)
Adoption can be a lengthy, stressful, and costly process (as stupid as it may seem lol)... not to mention that some people simply want children of their own.
On top of that there's many reasons that can prevent adoption like your chosen career field, sexuality or asexuality, other variables...
I don't remember if it has been said what country this is set, but adoption in Australia is a lengthy, costly affair that has no guarantee of succeeding. It may be unavailable to Eos, particularly if she is a single person (I.e. Not married).
Anyone else think Charlie looks so sad because he thought Eos liked him for himself, and now he thinks she only sees him as something to study for her own gain?
Those tests might not be reliable if they are older ones; there have been stories about how some of the tests that are admissible in court are not all that accurate.
9th of March, 2016 (Wednesday)
I'm disappointed that Eos isn't wearing high-heels.

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