11th of January, 2016 (Monday)

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11th of January, 2016 (Monday)
sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G...
I agree with Wally.
*starts chant* kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss...
That handwriting looks more like it could be Eos's than Asley's. Looking forward to seeing what happens!
So I was the only one who thought of young goats, seeing the title?
12th of January, 2016 (Tuesday)
...I have a friend who says that exact same thing anytime anyone says "kids" >_> CHILDREN, happy? :P
I'd be happier if young goats made an appearance in the wedding ceremony...but I'm prepared for disappointment. =]
It cant be goats... it has to be lambs.
But if it was lambs, then they wouldn't be kids. Why don't you stick to taunting kids into kissing one another.
Wait! That's it! Young goats kissing! That's what I want to see! One in a tuxedo, the other in a bridal gown! And not in the comic, in a real wedding. There's gotta be some bat crazy goatherd out there that's done this already, and posted it on-line somewhere, right?
I think my life is complete now.
@HumalaDuck: yeah, I see your point. But, the sheep/lamb theme has been repeated through out this comic.
@Wally: We could compromise with a lamb holding hands with a kid. Perhaps traipsing through whatever the Australian equivalent of daisies are. (I'd say gamboling--something often applied to sheep and goats--but I've never actually known what the heck that is.)

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