8th of January, 2016 (Friday)

Page 330

Percussive maintenance: for when turning them off and on again is a felony.

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8th of January, 2016 (Friday)
That Guy
But seriously... my response is the same as Ash and Charlie's...
Yeah.... my response would also be 'what just happened here?'.
Kid Cthulhu
Priceless in its ludicrousness.
The Chrono-Assassin enters... and is subdued as he's doubled over laughing at this.
Awesome. Just awesome. That look.
Well... That just happened
More effective than the real thing and quieter and with no hurt feelings. Don't expect it to work twice though. Let's face it, nobody expected him to inflict pain now did they? That's not him. Alternative parenting from the least parent like parent.
Whole new meaning to "tap dat ass"
Haha the indignant looks
Sam would be a pretty good parent if he dedicated himself to it, seems like.
It wasn't the act so much as the context of the act that produced the effect.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making this a decent comic with decent, caring, and (at least somewhat) skillful human characters who have a sense of how to deal with conflict well.
that technically means Charlie spanked Ash
9th of January, 2016 (Saturday)
@Blah: Kinky Charlie, Kinky.
Fantastic we went from good parenting to BDSM in two comments. Thanks, guys.
Still humiliating... In fact worse because its just so weird. Sam is so awesome. He's a big brother to himself and to this other kid. Its just fun. Still one of my favorite comics.
I uh meant that in a positive way. Not negative. Never sure how I sound in text. I just meant that punishments are supposed to get the kids attention and making them embarrassed totally does that. This is way better than two pages of the two of them making faces at the corner. ... Right. Rambling. Shutting up.
10th of January, 2016 (Sunday)
I grinned at the kids' expressions and slumped shoulders in the final panel. Sam demonstrated that he COULD have punished them hard if he had wanted to. Not a bad way to get them in line.
Well done, Sam. ^_^
14th of June, 2017 (Wednesday)
The embarrassment is what hurts the most...

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