25th of November, 2015 (Wednesday)

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Lucky Charlie can apparently now teleport into rooms without anyone noticing. That was a close one.

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25th of November, 2015 (Wednesday)
lol, timing like that: priceless!
Looks like Ash is thinking on that "murder your best friend bit"...
We have a problem! Code: Cyclops. XD
Kid Cthulhu
Whaaa?! Sam went there?! He does realize that's also himself, right?
Ash might seriously want to rethink her friendship with Charlie if she knows this is what he grows up to be like!
@Kid Cthulhu: At the age of eleven, I don't think either Ash or Charlie have the social experience to make that kind of judgment about a friend to;rethink her friendship with Charlie. When they are in their high school years thats' probably when something will happen between the two of them that will cause one or the other to 'rethink' their friendship or maybe even to recommit to it.
Remember, the last time Ash saw Charlie, she stormed out of the room filled with anger. What I take away from her thoughtful look is "Yeah, what he just said applies to Charlie and me as well."
It's not completely clear to me what happened to Charlie's lip. Two theories: she was in such a hurry to anger-kiss him that she mashed his lip against his tooth, splitting and/or cutting it; or she was so incredibly furious that she bit his lip on purpose. I hope it's the former.
So either he slammed it down on the table for dramatic proof, or it got slammed out of his hand. I think the former is more likely, considering the cookies and pretty lady.
Heh, he slipped there: "Now _we_ have matching scars on our buts" and "_I_ got Johnny back for that". The later one could be ambiguous but first one could not.
Is it wrong I think Charlie's parents are sadistic? Dang, folks! Put down the camera and help that kid with his injuries!!!! XD
Charlie looks pretty calm in the last picture to be trunkless at a pool. Most kids would be freaking out after the age of 4-5. He looks a good 10-11.
@Jillian IDK, but it looks like a bathroom to me.
11th of July, 2016 (Monday)
Charlie looks so proud in that last photograph! Lol

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