29th of May, 2015 (Friday)

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Sure you can. You could buy a stick of gum or a pair of cheap socks.

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29th of May, 2015 (Friday)
I'm fairly certain Ash has secret superhuman counting powers. That, or Sam just keeps two one hundred dollar bills in his wallet. idk
Yay for Inflation!
Also, counting that quickly won't be that hard, if it were hundreds, fifties, or twenties (only)
according to an online inflation calculator, 19 years ago $2 would be worth $3 today for Americans and for Australians it would be $3.20, so even if you factor in inflation Ash still has a much bigger allowance.
@mra Well, it's the inflation of kids importance as consumers...
Yeah, I was going to say, I'm much older than Sam, and I got $20 a week for my chores when I was a kid...
What's an allowance? (aka "I didn't get one")
a stick of gum or a pair of cheap socks. Foreshadow much?
$2/week got me a new, big Lego every 4 months, or a huge one in 6 months! $2/week gives you infinite money if you save up.
@Solar, Did you get pocket money instead? It's just money that parents give to their children on a regular basis as a reward for existing.
30th of May, 2015 (Saturday)
You know, a pair of cheap socks WOULD help you get back across that super-heated street.
A stick of gum, not so much.

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