1st of June, 2015 (Monday)

Page 235

"Hey! Sam's weird all the time, not just when you're there!"

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1st of June, 2015 (Monday)
Now I want to know about their fathers. It feels like Ash has Batman syndrome. By the way, are you still going by the estimate of "about 500 pages long"?
At least 500 pages, probably more than that.
So when the comic is done, it will be 2017.
I'd like it to never end, but that's simply too much to ask. Oh, mortality, how cruel art thou?
I am glad for its inevitable end. I have yet to follow a comic to its end. Now I can!
are you going to be making any other works when this is over? or sequel series?
While I’d love to see this story go on for quite a while, I do greatly prefer stories that are going somewhere and have a definite end. A fundamental problem with many webcomics, almost all America professional comics, and American-style open-ended TV series is that they’ll keep going until they eventually develop Soap Opera Syndrome (a plot with so many twists over time that you have no idea what’s going on anymore) and I lose interest. Basically, they keep going until it gets boring or goes silly, rather than stopping while it’s still entertaining.
Double Bogey
When I first read where Charlie agreed his Dad is a jerk, I was thinking Sam is his Dad. So basically, he's calling himself a jerk. Of course, I'm wrong here, but that's I how I read it.
So glad we have much more to look forward to with this web comic. It really brightens up my MWFs. :) I'm also curious to know if you will be working on any new projects after this one comes to completion.
I've followed several comics to their ends.
Or, perhaps I should say, followed to when they stopped. They didn't end, they just stopped.
I have various ideas of what to do after this comic, but they'll necessarily change by the time I get to doing one of them.
I wonder if this will end up in a Möbius strip. We have been following Charlie from his point of view, but eventually he will grow up into Sam, so if we stay with him as he grows up then we will eventually see these same events again from his point of view as Sam.
2nd of June, 2015 (Tuesday)
Hmmpf. This should be a Mobius Comic Strip. It would make a lot of interesting things happen. We'd finally know why Charlie's here, and a bunch of other stuff.
4th of June, 2015 (Thursday)
Mark Linimon
I have followed about a dozen that completed as intended. It's the exception, of course.
18th of June, 2015 (Thursday)
........i should stop reading this comic and not come back, issue being i likeit but the why i should leave is so many times the authors of good comics inexplicably die halfwya through writing these
3rd of August, 2015 (Monday)
I've followed some to a sudden stop, some to an end... the ends without a follow-on are depressing as the ones that stop may get an update after a year vs the finished ones being forever dead.

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