9th of March, 2015 (Monday)

Page 199

Oh yeah, that thing that happened.

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9th of March, 2015 (Monday)
What guy?
Sam: "You know there is that one..."
Charlie: "shuddup, shuddup, shuddup, shuddup, (etc)"
Charlie: Just how far back do you think i'm from?
Ashley: 200 years
Time assassin. Enough said. Actually, maybe Time hitman or time thug... time killer? Time assassin just does not sound that good.
I'm saying this now cus I'm missed the last comic strip and no one is gonna read it if i put it there now. I enjoy how every comedian in New Zealand makes fun of Australia and visa versa, having live in both countries for a substantial amount of time I can take humour in both sides. also Australian birds are annoying (just wanted to get that out there)
i wanna know where the other scar isssssss.... *whines*
C'mon Razor, don't get stuck on the word "time". Chronokiller works well, as does temporassassin (Sort of. Not really. Stick with chronokiller). If we knew specifically he was from the future, we could use "retro" and get like, a retrohitman or something. But we don't, so that's probably out.
Similarly, we could invent time traveler slang and say that a "surfer" is someone who messes with time (named after the ripple effect, because changing lots of things in the past will therefore make a wave of time, which you can "surf"), and, that since his method of temporal alteration is murder, he is a "blood surfer".
See, doesn't blood surfer sound so much better than Time Thug? Really though, it's a name, so take your pick.
@ Phantom.
Sam: "... Ouch! Sitting right here, fixing your stupid foot!"
I am working on the theory that Charlie is messing up some sort of epic thing that Ash is suposed to do that will ensure the future plays out properly.
Opus the Poet
I can vouch for the level of annoyance at Aussie birds. I have this blog on bicycle safety and every year I get at least two links about a cyclist wrecking and getting hurt because of a magpie attack. They really don't like people on bicycles at all. My guess is we look like some kind of prehistoric predator that is ingrained into their psyches genetically as something that must be attacked or everything in the nest will be destroyed or eaten.
That's odd. We have plenty of magpies where I live (no, not Australia) and they never attack us.
There have been recent reports of horned owl attacks, though. On people doing track-and-field...
10th of March, 2015 (Tuesday)
Looking forward to page 200
Hey Tober, do you mind if I draw some silly fanart? I'm gonna post it to tumblr but I'll be sure to link to this rad comic
I love how calmly Ash is taking all of this. I'm pretty sure I would be panicking, at the very least.
Mira, I don't mind at all. I'd love to see some fanart.
I hope this works! I realized too late to do my "bare minimum shading" that i do, but oh well. i'll just have to draw more some time (what a tragedy that would be!)
Thanks, I love it!
13th of May, 2015 (Wednesday)
@shadowrunner: Think about common and embarrassingly located scars males might have.
I'm not calling it, since I doubt it'd ever come up if I am right, but just sayin'.

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