11th of March, 2015 (Wednesday)

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You just learned Ash could overpower you in a second, Charlie. What are you gonna do if she wants to, pout furiously?

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11th of March, 2015 (Wednesday)
Random fake name.
He was pantsed, she knows she saw a bulge. ...oh yeah, could be stuffed. Don't give her the idea of checking. How old do you get an Adams apple?
Don't flatter yourself, Charlie. If Ash wants to, she can overpower you easily... But since you're friends, I doubt she would. ^_^
Well if she believes that they're the same person then why doesn't she just look at Sam. He doen't look that womanly.
^Great point.
Omg i love ash's "seriously" face. Great expression
Sam: You are NOT checking that *as Sam makes the girliest pose in the entire page, Seriously what guy wears shorts that short!*
What's the readership on this comic?
Opus the Poet
I'm a straight poly guy with many LGBT friends, I have no idea about the rest of the people.
I suspect that a great majority are human. ;)
Let's all share who we are! I'm an antisocial teenage girl!
@Phantom Well.... Alois Trancy. Myself. idk anyone else w/ short shorts
I'll toss in my two bits:
I'm a straight white male!
Currently a young adult!
Who lives in the U.S!
In a middle class family!
In a medium sized city!
I'm also an only child!
Gosh, I mean, wow. It doesn't... it doesn't get more flat than that. But this is the reason I'm into slice-of-life media. They aren't a slice of MY life, for sure.
Where I live, the shortest shorts that guys wear still go down to your knees. Most everyone wears jeans, anyway, until the summer heat sets in and wearing jeans is basically a death sentence.
12th of March, 2015 (Thursday)
Ash 'why not?' Lolz
Eirika R.
I wanna play!
I'm an asexual teenage female! Introvert. Mutt of mixed races. U.S. citizen. Middle child of three. Live in a mid-sized city. Recruiters came by my school today and I think the thing I want to do with my life is to join the Navy instead of attending an art or vet tech school(I take one of those in a Running Start-type program). Problem: I'm a huge F*ing coward.
Er... Fun fact! I also have a Word list of over 70(and growing) web comics that I'm interested in, and read about 20 of them regularly (such as this gem).
That's... yeah.
Jackie F.
I'll join in! I'm a female in high school in the USA! Yuck. Bisexual. A writer and an artist, and if anyone can recommend some other cool web comics (I already know homestuck and would love to read something else as amazing as this) that would be amazing and I would be eternally grateful! I wear short shorts, but I'm a female. And I don't prefer wearing then, but our society over here apparently only makes girl shorts that are not even school appropriate. So I usually wear hand me downs from my brother or sport shorts if I want anything longer. Guys here are idiots and they tend to wear shorts even in the snow. Usually sport short or cargo shorts length, never much shorter than the knees. Sadly, yes, I am human. And not even a time-traveler.
Neutral gendered person from Washington State! Asexual. God I love this comic, I read like twelve comics & only found this recently but it's amazingly well written so far. I'm excited for more. ovo
Sixty year old guy, never stopped loving comics, never will. Married, two small children (6 and 9, what can I say, I'm old, not dead). Also Washington state, where I'm a part time farmer and part time reader in the Russian Orthodox Church. Odd mix, no?
@Jackie F.
-I'd recommend reading Questionable Content, from the beginning. Slice of life, with some sci-fi and music thrown in. Very real characters and engaging plot. Nobody gets all the references. Almost 3000 pages.
-XKCD is a lot of fun, but you often have to go to its wiki to understand what even. Lots of science and tech jokes, but the author gets into just about everything. No plot, but has recurring characters.
-I discovered Qwantz recently, and I'm hooked. Start at the beginning.
-For a non-webcomic thing, I love Welcome to Nightvale. Need more weird in your life? Or perhaps your life is already too weird? This will make your life have very healthy levels of weird, or at least seem to!
50+ white male, aspiring web comic artist - as straight as can be, but don't much care about anybody else's orientation. I mainly bring that up simply because web comics seem to be in front of the "cutting edge" on gender issues - both in the comics and artists themselves. (Hey, we all know Peppermint Patty was a lesbian - 30 years before the internet!)
I regularly read about 15 web comics - a few for the fantastic art, most for the story and characters. I love finding a new comic, cuz then I can binge read through the archives until I get caught up.
Well, shoot. Band wagon, here I come! I'm a thirtysomething, restless-minded aspiring writer of the female gender, hailing from Texas. *tips cowgirl hat* Howdy. I have a profound love for cats(Of course, all the great writers love cats. Just look at Hemingway! Yeah, I'm not comparing myself to him -- seriously, I'm not stupid.) My favorite comic has been and will always be Garfield, which I began reading when I learned to read. Of course, this wonderful comic easily gets a Top 5 spot, and I enjoy reading the comments on here as well.
Also, I quite enjoy Ash's expression in panel 2 -- my exact reaction to 'reality' TV.
22 straight white male usa, introvert and mormon
Mark Linimon
pushing-60 (well, more like "leaning on it") while male cis (I know that I have to call myself "cis" now. Why didn't someone tell me this 40 years ago) male living in Austin, Texas, and wondering what in the hell happened that has made everyone in my country so frellling stupid all of a sudden. Read about 100 webcomics which along with music and cats are about the only things that keep me sane (as much as I get). Will probably wind up living in a cabin in the woods with a sign No Tresspassers Allowed Unless You Are Not A Jerk And If So Prove It By Bringing Beer.
Late 20s white genderfluid and/or genderqueer grad student.
Ok I guess I HAVE to join in this (bc its seriously fun to hear about people) im a white cis pan human girl who is still in highschool and has NO IDEA WHAT THE FUTURE EVEN IS but I hope theres robots.
Highschooler genderfluid whiter than a package of wonder bread. I read about four webcomics, and this one is by far my favorite! Hopefully the future holds more equality, and maybe some robots.
lesbian female, 18 but still in high school in the USA, obsessed with webcomics, music, harry potter, fanfiction, and cats. I have over 100 webcomics that i'm wanting to read, but i've only been reading about 15 of them so far. *i know, i'm a terrible child. but yeah. thats about it honestly.
Opus the Poet
Ok I forgot age and location, I live in TX and I'm considered white (I have such a small amount of NA/1st Nation that it does not show). I live in a suburb of Dallas. And I'm old enough to remember where I was and what I was doing when JFK was shot (sleeping many time zones away)
14th of March, 2015 (Saturday)
My turn! I'm a panromantic cis female 11 yrs old and live in the land of cold and trees (LOCAT)[aka N.H.] this is the only comic I follow that updates regularly.
Also why are we doing this thing again?
16th of March, 2015 (Monday)
Oh my god. This thing.
18th of March, 2015 (Wednesday)
Jackie F
@Zhourahl oh thank you so so much! I've started reading Questionable Content and even though it's probably too mature for me, haha, I really like it! Once again, thank you!!!
25th of March, 2015 (Wednesday)
i totally came back to this once i hit the dreaded "no next comic".
hiiiiiii! i'm z! i just found this comic today! i'm 27, and too lazy to capitalize unless i need to. i'm mostly white, but 1/4 chinese, cis female, married to a dude but i'm still pansexual and panromantic, and i have a 5 1/2 year old spawnling! i live in fort worth tx, and i also read a gajillion webcomics a day (i joined tapastic where the vast majority are, and everyone should go there and go wild reading them all).
i think i came here from QC, too, i know it was from an ad. i gotta say it's SUPER NEAT to see the diversity in the comments here, and also super neat that there are several texans???
and i'll say it: i'm an aspiring web comic creator, even though i suck at The Art and am teaching myself way too late in the game.
soooooo hi!
9th of April, 2015 (Thursday)
what the hell, I'll join the club. White teenager living in Austin, Texas, but originally from California. Hope to be accepted into the Air Force academy and become an astronaut. My overall goal in life is to be one of the first people to land on Mars. Straighter than a ruler. Wait, would that make it a curve or . . . no, but then . . . . . .
9th of May, 2015 (Saturday)
Late to this thread, but ... white female in her forties in Maine. Also working on establishing a webcomic, and to Zionastar -- at 27 you are way NOT too late to get into the game! And art gets better, if other webcomics I've read are any indication. Speaking of which, Questionable Content rocks. Also, check out Bug Martini (not slice of life, but very funny), Think Before You Think (slice of life with a telepathic character), Selkie (slice of life with selkie-type character adopted by a human). Thanks to the author for doing this comic -- I really enjoy it!
6th of June, 2015 (Saturday)
Bisexual Caucasian Male 20-year-old in UP Michigan.
24th of July, 2015 (Friday)
I'm 63 white male. Father of 3: F, M, F, Grandfather of Three all male. Love comics and I am constantly looking for more... I read a lot. I Watch very little broadcast TV. I live in Ohio, USA. I read almost anything but mostly Urban Fantasy ( Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts etc.) and Science fiction; Classic stuff, Time travel, as well as current authors.
I love this comic. It takes me back to my El-Hi School days...and old friends and buddys... remembered from long ago, more so than raising my own children did...
Keep it up. I always look for the updates first thing that I log on.
3rd of August, 2015 (Monday)
28 white male with social anxiety, demisexual, enjoys healing and teamwork / co-op in video games, I require a cane to walk for damage sustained in the military. I'm also Batman... basically if I'm behind a mask I'm able to function as a normal nameless person...
10th of August, 2015 (Monday)
Ok, 62, been on the net since it was available. Got my first desktop in the mid 80s started building my own in 92. Hah! I remember the glorious day I bought my first 1 gig HD. Soooo . . . . . why don't I know what cis stands for?
16th of October, 2015 (Friday)
@junqstuff, cis means identifying as the gender you were assigned at birth, i.e. not trans or nonbinary
I'm a twenty year old queer ace demigirl from Maryland. Not currently working due to having just moved but hoping to start soon, not in school due to mental health issues but hoping to go back soon. Love reading, roleplaying, television, and tumblr. Currently reading ~15 webcomics, always looking for more!
2nd of June, 2017 (Friday)
Oh this looks like fun!
Hullo everyone! I'm a 29 year old pansexual cis male from the USA. Originally from...hoo boy. The entire east coast? I've lived in every state along it from New Jersey all the way down and around to Louisiana xD Anyhow, I read roughly ten webcomics a day and spend the days I'm NOT working meeting new people and trying to figure out my particular talent and/or learning to stop bad habits preventing me from pursuing them :) You are ALL fantastic and I wish only the best for each and every one of you! Ju t'adore!

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